I am noticing that most of my favorite posts tend to deal with things getting messed up.  I like that and am going to use it as an excuse for the ridiculously high number of things I will mess up (and cry about at the time, but laugh about later) in the future.

Originally posted: November 17th 2015
Throwing snow

As you scroll through your Instagram or Pinterest feed, chances are at one point or another you will find some sort of picture of beautiful outdoor scenery accompanied by an ambiguous, but heartfelt quote regarding the beauty of nature.  Admittedly, I love those pictures!  But, sometimes the great outdoors are just not that great.  Below is a real account of one of my latest, tear-filled, deer-chasing, boots-full-of-snow nature outing.  Disclaimer: I have moved past this, so feel no guilt in laughing at my expense as you read along.

B Snow WalkBeing the high-strung, easily-stressed, and all around neurotic person that I am, I need some sort of outlet to allow me to relax.  Based off of some of my other posts, or my Instagram pictures, or even just the name of this blog, you may have guessed that being outdoors is that outlet for me.  Insert inspiring John Muir and/or Ralph Waldo Emerson quote here.

Usually, the outdoors are calming and a break from whatever work/financial/can’t-decide-what-outfit-to-wear-for-the-holidays issue I may be having.  Usually.
However, this is not a 100% of the time fool-proof stress reliever.  As I’m sure mothers of small or significant others of highly-emotional individuals, would be able to easily attest to—sometimes just the act of getting to and enjoying the outdoors can be a major stressor.

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This is a super fun read, based off of a super miserable experience.

My favorite posts tend to be a bit lengthier and heartfelt, but this one is perfect for that mid-week chuckle.

Originally posted: July 15th 2016

After a few weeks of too many beers, greasy food, unusually high amounts of stress(even with the tolerance I have built due to my constantly-stressed-about-the-most-trivial-things-self) and travel, I decided my body seriously needed a cleanse. I needed to restart, reboot, and to stop feeling like complete crap (so far in this post I have said sucks and crap– both words my mom hates but are totally necessary). So, I ordered my first ever juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery.

And like any good girlfriend, I forced Brady to do it with me.

We opted for the Cleanse 1, which was designed for beginners. Here’s a little run down of how my day spent cleansing went:

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IMG_5156 (1).jpg

That’s the saying, right?

I have finally found a way to make money while sitting on my couch, snuggling with my dog, drinking coffee, and wearing my pajamas (and not those cute insta-worthy pj sets… true, ripped sweat pants and stained t-shirt pajamas). And I am here to share it with you!

Sound like an infomercial yet? Because I feel like one. I can practically hear the enthusiastic, albeit clueless audience ooohing and ahhhing in the background.

It’s not a get-rich quick scheme, though. It’s really more of a way to feel slightly less guilty about any wine-induced, online shopping sprees you may go on. You won’t be making the BIG bucks; you’ll just be getting back a few of your medium-sized dollars.

I’m taking about Ebates. Basically just a middle man for online shopping. I opened up an account (free), then anytime I shop online I just go through that site, and I get a percentage of what I spent back in a check every few months. Plus, there’s usually some sort of gift card they give you just for signing up. You can sign up right here.

There’s more that goes into it and better explanations, but those are the basics. I just can’t explain it that well because I’m not an actual infomercial actress. What I really know is that I have been doing this for a year now. It’s not some sort of slimeball scheme; there’s no catch.

Here’s the deal: this post is way out of my comfort zone. It feels kind of gimmicky or impersonal. And that’s exactly what I don’t want for MGG. But, it’s helpful and a concrete tip you can use. As much as I love to think each one of you keeps coming back to my blog because of my witty comments and fresh one-liners, I know the reason that I check out most blogs is for helpful advice. So, this is mine. My next post will be back to my day to day ramblings, but I honestly recommend you go check out Ebates.

* This is not a sponsored post, but may contain affiliate links. 

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JUST GET OUT THERE (who cares why?)

My standards for a “productive” day during the summer are exceptionally low. As long as I can cross one household chore off my to-do list and get in some sort of physical activity I’m feeling pretty good.  (I know this completely goes against the incredibly popular #workgrind #bossbitch #illsleepwhenimdead vibe that is so popular right now– I’m less ‘work hard play hard’ more ‘work medium play until you’re tired enough to chill on the couch’ right now.)

This means that when I had the responsibility of keeping 3 dogs at my thimble-sized house last weekend I knew I would need to wear them out early or they were going to make my love of being lazy much less enjoyable. So, I decided to take the entire crew out on a little morning hike with me. Which could easily have been an absolutely genius plan or could have been a complete disaster– but I was willing to risk it if it meant hours of my afternoon could be spent lounging in my yard reading (for the record: I am not reading a trendy/blog-chic book– I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series, again, and I love it).

Luckily, earlier in the week I went for a little hike with one of my friends and her 3 and 4 year old kiddos. I figured if two preschoolers could manage this route I could manage it with three unruly dogs. For some reason those seemed like very comparable groups to me…

And it was a complete success! The dogs loved it and wore themselves chasing every squirrel, blowing leaf, and new smell they could find. Then, when they ran out of those things they just chased each other. I loved my feeling of accomplishment having tuckered out the pups before it was even 9 am. Plus, I’m lucky enough to be on summer vacation, so I can plan to hike on weekday mornings when I know it won’t be busy. This means I didn’t even have to worry about trying to keep all of the dogs on their leashes (though I’m sure that would have been a thoroughly entertaining site). Ellie and Riley are good enough listeners they don’t get too far, and Teton is so unbelievably needy/attached he rarely leaves my side for a long enough time that I even need to call him back.

I had planned for the post to be a touching/insightful/inspiring piece about the importance of spending time on your own and taking solo adventures. I do completely think that exploring on your own is so important and something I truly need to work on. But, let’s be honest: I really only went on this mini-hike out of selfish-wear-the-dogs-out reasons, not any spiritual-take-time-to-center-yourself reasons. 

And that’s totally ok! I will  a l w a y s  be the first person to back that up. Good intentions are fantastic, but the part that matters the most is actually doing it. Who cares if I took the dogs hiking not out of my deep love for nature, but my desire to get lost in Hogwarts? Who cares if you go for a run to fit into that dress instead of your love for fitness? Who cares if you bought those shoes because they are cute and think that the pair that gets sent to Africa is a stellar bonus? The important part is that you are doing good things! And they make you feel good. And all of the other benefits are icing on the cake. 

That may not be the most enlightened mini-paragraph that I’ve ever written, but it is totally true. 

No matter what your motivation is to get outside, the important thing is that you’re out there. Don’t feel guilty! You’re still braving the bug bites and the sunburns. Good. For. You.

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There is no way I’m the only high-strung, type-A, stress-about-stressing-and-the-act-of-stressing-and-maybe-I’m-not-stressing-enough person out there.  If you are in that boat with me: I have found the perfect way to relax.  If you are nowhere near that boat with me: I have found the perfect way to relax.

The Roo Hammock.

Kammok Roo Hammock + Python StrapsI was never a big hammock person (is that even a thing? a big hammock person?),  until I went backpacking with my brother last summer and he brought his stuff-and-go hammock along with him.  There was literally no better feeling in the world than curling up with a beer, book, and pup in the hammock after a seriously grueling day of hiking.  It’s also perfect after mowing the lawn.  It’s also perfect after a long day of running errands.  It’s also perfect after an entire day of laying around in your pajamas doing absolutely nothing.  It’s just perfect.  There are no rules.

Of course, the inner wannabe hipster/hippie inside of me really wanted a handwoven, locally made, one-of-a-kind hammock.  But, the Roo Hammock + Python Straps honestly is just… better.

Here’s why this is the hammock you need:

  • It include hanging materials- so many of the hammocks I looked at did not include this.  Meaning I was either going to need to spend extra money OR attempt to rig it up myself and I do no trust that option.
  • It includes a easy to use stuff sack-  perfect for taking gear on the go AND it’s water resistant.
  • It is tear resistant-  this is incredibly important if you are going to take this item with you camping.  It’s so easy to get your hammock caught on a stick, tree, rock, or dog’s claw (Teton inherited high-anxiety from me and loves to bite his nails into razor sharp points…) and this will give you some peace of mind.
  • It can hold two people-  only if you feel like sharing; if you want to keep it to yourself– LIE.
  • It comes in pretty colors-  I like the grey because I’m boring and love all grey e’rything.  But, the green is awesome, as well.

I’ve mentioned before that I love Huckberry (cool products, awesome customer service).  And RIGHT NOW through the 31st Huckberry is offering free shipping on  e v e r y t h i n g,  plus they have tons of other gear on sale.  It’s the perfect excuse to do a bit of stocking up for all of your summer adventures.

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