Dear July,

I’m not sure how I feel about saying goodbye to you. Part of me is sad that this summer just seems to be rushing past. And the other part of me is ready to kick your hiney out the door.

Now, July, you did let me check a few things off my Summer Adventure To-Do List: get home to Montana, spend time with Brady’s family, hike Medicine Bow Peak, catch more fish than Brady (I’m counting the world’s smallest fish that I caught on our last outting for this one). But, few is the operative word here. 

July, you had your fair share of ups and downs that put a pause on some of the adventures I wanted to get done. You were especially stressful and emotional (both things I am very familiar with and don’t blame you for–but I like to do minimal make up in the summer and stres breakout/puffy eyes made that a little more difficult). Granted everything that was super stressful and emotional will be good in the long run and was for the best. People always say that, and I know it down in my heart. But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t totally suck at the time. 

And that’s okay. July, you did provide some delicious ice cream and seasonal brews to help out with that. 

So, I would like a do-over. Summer is going way too quickly, and frankly you just wasted a whole month being a medium level of shitty. But, I’m not going to be bitter about it. I would just like more time, thank you very much. 

If that doesn’t happen, I just have tons to cram into August!

Thanks for reading,



I am a true, true lover of skin care. I love trying new things, figuring out what works for my skin (with the occasional experimenting breakout), and taking a little time to pamper myself. It’s quickly been working its way to a real obsession. 

Patchology is a brand that I was introduced to a few months ago and it seriously piqued my interest. I love trying out all the natural, super trendy, Pinterest-inspired skin care tips (like rubbing half a lemon all over your face…), but I do not underestimate the power of science when it comes to skincare. I know people that are much smarter than me have put tons of research into these products and I love seeing how that works. 

Of course, when these items were sent to me I shrieked for joy, jumped up around, and threw in a few fist pumps for good measure. I mean I love trying new skin care and it made me feel so special that they asked me to test out these new products!

The best part: Patchology gave me a discount code to share with you guys! Use code SydneyR25 at checkout, but act quick because it only lasts until August 16th.  

SmartMud Detox Mask

Being a true skincare junkie and prone to breakouts I am a big fan of mud masks. These type of masks are the perfect reset button for my skin. However… I am not at all a fan of the mess they leave. 

I have been VERY honest on here about not washing my hair everyday (sometimes even pushing it to 3 or 4 days). But, I always have to wait until a ‘Hair Wash Day’ to use a mud mask because, no matter how hard I try, I get the mask  e v e r y w h e r e (in my hair included– I have very detoxed roots), and then when I go to wash it off I get muddy, dirty water  e v e r y w h e r e. 

Luckily, Patchology’s new SuperMud fixes all that. It’s like a sheet mask, except it’s a mud mask. And before I tried it I assumed that meant this would be a weak, little mask that couldn’t stand up to my sweat/stress filled pores… But it totally did! It pulled everything out and was super easy. 

This is a bit pricey for a one time mask (so use the code!), but it’s the perfect treat yo’self product. 

PoshPeel Pedi Cure

This is hands down (or feet down… ha. ha.) my favorite Patchology product I’ve tried, so far. 

I have exceptionally ugly feet: the longer second toe, a curved third toe, and forever dry/rough/dirty feet from constantly wearing Chacos. So, my feet need some extra TLC. 

This peel is incredibly easy. You get these super attractive plastic socks. You pour in the little, magic mixture. And then chill for about an hour (you could get work done during this time, but I found my time was better spent watching Food Network). It’s so simple.

My feet felt phenomenal! I’m talking no more dry skin getting stuck to my sheets or making it look like I have the feet of a 75 year old. Definite improvement. 

 Plus, this product can be reused (depending on how much of the mixture you use) and is a super fair price. Way cheaper than a pedicure… I highly recommend it. 

Yes, these products were gifted to me, but this post is not at all sponsored. My opinions in here are totally honest and I just wanted to get a chance to share with you (and help you save some $$– don’t forget SydneyR25).

Please, let me know some of your skin care favs or if you get anything from Patchology. I would love to hear!

Thanks for reading, 



I’m doing a summer round up of a few of my favorite things Huckberry has on their site right now. And BONUS: a few of these items are even on sale!

One of my favorite evening games to play is “Fill this shopping cart to the absolute max and then leave it there until my next paycheck or I finish a bottle of wine, whichever comes first. ” And these are a few of the items that make the cut every, single time. 

  • Jasmine Body Oil ($40 originally $44)- I have wanted this since I first checked out Huckberry. It is super moisturizing, smells absolutely perfect (not overpowering, like a bakery, or like an old lady’s sweater), and I love the brand. Now, that it’s on sale I may finally pull the trigger. 
  • Barebones Maverick Cooler Backpack ($120)- As much as I love hiking, I need some sort of reward once I reach the destination. As a child this reward was a peanut butter and honey sandwich (and when I was little I didn’t really like hiking, so I also learned not to like PB&H… but that is beside the point), and now that I’m older I like that reward to come in the form of goldfish crackers and a nice cold beer. However, beers that are thrown into the depths of my backpack don’t stay quite so cold and refreshing. That’s why I NEED this cooler backpack. It’s truly a necessity. 
  • Lems Boulder Boot ($115)- Brady actually has these and loves them. I mean he gets complimented on them all the time and then immediately follows up with his own version of “you need these boots, too” schpeel- occasionally accompanied with actually taking off the boot for demo purposes. And for good reason. They can be dressed up or down, and incredibly versatile, and crazy lightweight. What’s not to love? (Also, they make these for girls too! Huckberry doesn’t carry the sizes yet, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled.)
  • Pineapple Tumbler ($30 originally $35)- Pineapples are very in right now (for whatever reason– who gets to decide these things/can I join the committee?). And this little tumbler is adorable. Plus, the top doubles as a holder for the base, turning your tumbler into a pineapple-esque wine glass of sorts. 
  • GoRuck Simple Pant ($95)- Again, Brady has these. He loves these. He should work for the GoRuck marketing team. Seriously, they work perfectly for hiking and wet wading, but still look nice enough to wear to work. 
  • La Playa Blanket ($35 originally $42)- I’m a sucker for blankets (I even bought one of the Huckberry X Woolrich $100+ ones and have ZERO regrets). These are super well-made, durable, warm, and won’t break the bank. I love all grey err’thing, but there are more colors available. 
  • Stanley French Press Coffee System ($45 originally $50)- Ok, this is perfect for camping, but I also want it for my house. It’s hard to find something that beats French press coffee, and Stanley is such a tried-and-true solid brand. What I love most, though, is how compact the packing is! Everything fits in this travel-mug sized container. It’s incredible!
  • Helinox Swivel Chair ($128 originally $150)- I know these may seem a little outlandish for a camping essential. I mean, you’re out in the woods, you can sit on a log for goodness sake! Except, these are a thousand times better. My brother had a version very similar to this when we backpacked in Tahoe last summer and they were lifesavers. No, it’s not essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. These are surprisingly comfy, and that’s exceptionally important after a long day of hiking! (Or a day of lounging next to the river–no judgement here…)

Swing by and tell me some of your Huckberry favs. I’d love to check them out. Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading,



I have F I N A L L Y hiked Medicine Bow Peak! I have now lived in Laramie for 6 years (oh. my. goodness. how has it been that long?), and this summer was the first time I actually got around to checking this feat off my list. 

Medicine Bow Peak is a super popular hike here in my little slice of Laradise because it’s the highest peak in the Snowy Range Mountains. The peak measures at 12,013 feet (according to the always accurate/reliable Wikipedia). The hike itself isn’t too rough. It’s only about 3 miles and the vertical isn’t anything insane. 

Although, I am exceptionally rugged and tough, so it may be more difficult for others. 

Just kidding. I’m a bit of a diva. And incline hiking is NOT my strong suit. Witty comments and excuses for water breaks are much more my thing. 

Always the athlete. And graceful. And not at all embarassing to Brady.
 Of course, climbing a 14er (or a few) is still on my list. But, I felt like I needed to complete this hometown hike first. And it was so worth it.

Also, shout out to these prAna shorts for their killer anti-thigh-rubbing-together-technology (that’s not trademarked yet but it should be– these shorts are from last year but can still be found on amazon). They are the real MVP. 

 I swear, though, anytime I actually get in a hike I start to question why I don’t do this every damn day. It’s beautiful. It’s active. And it’s free. Once again, I’ve definitely been bit by the hiking bug. 

Thanks for reading,



After a few weeks of too many beers, greasy food, unusually high amounts of stress(even with the tolerance I have built due to my constantly-stressed-about-the-most-trivial-things-self) and travel, I decided my body seriously needed a cleanse. I needed to restart, reboot, and to stop feeling like complete crap (so far in this post I have said sucks and crap– both words my mom hates but are totally necessary). So, I ordered my first ever juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery.

And like any good girlfriend, I forced Brady to do it with me. 

We opted for the Cleanse 1, which was designed for beginners. Here’s a little run down of how my day spent cleansing went:

Vanilla Almond Milk- 7:30 am

  • Almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt

This was the perfect way to start my day. The milk was sweet without being too sweet, and actually filled me up. 

Greens- 9:45 am

  • Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon

We got to drink this as our post-workout drink. I missed my normal eggs with a ridiculous amount of hot sauce for breakfast, but wasn’t too upset. 

Roots- 12:00 pm

  • Carrot, kale, romaine, spinach, parsley, apple, ginger

Surprisingly, I didn’t find myself starving before lunchtime. This juice definitely wasn’t my favorite though. Probably because I had had green juices and almond milk before, but this was totally new to me. 

*1:53 pm- Brady texts me to let me know he has cracked and had 2 small handfuls of trail mix. 

Citrus- 2:oo pm

  • Pineapple, apple, lemon, mint

This was definitely my favorite juice (closely tied with the almond milks). At this point I was pretty happy and feeling confident that I could finish this thing strong. 

Greens- 5:00 pm

  • Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

This is about when the juices started to wear on me. I told Brady I wasn’t feeling exceptionally hungry, but I missed food. (I truly just love food. Like a lot. No exaggeration: I think about it at least 3 times an hour. I even dreamed about Chinese food last night.) This is when I started to research foods you could eat while doing this particular cleanse. 

Chocolate Almond Milk- 7:15 pm

  • Almonds, dates, cacao, sea salt

I loved this! It was like a perfect desert to look forward to throughout the day. It did not disappoint. 

Baked Sweet Potato- 7:20 pm

We had too. And we added barbecue sauce. Now, technically the cleanse guidelines said that sweet potato was an acceptable food if you needed some. The barbecue sauce, however, was not recommended. 

Nachos From My Favorite Restaurant Downtown/Large Cookie Doigh Blizzard- 8:00 pm

We have no self control. I love spicy food. Brady loves sweets. So, we compromised and got both. We felt absolutely no shame. 

I suck at cleansing. 

Basically, I like the idea of incorporating a jam-packed-with-health-and-goodness juice into your routine. But going all day on just juice is not for me. I like the balance of healthy meals, working out, a healthy juice, and a nice treat for yourself. That’s much more my style and WAY more realistic. 

Honestly, the almond milks and the pineapple juice were pretty enjoyable. I didn’t even mind the green juices (the roots juice was a bit of a different story). I recommend picking some up to use as a healthy snack or an occasional meal replacement. 

I want to know any cleansing advice you have or any juicing stories I should hear. I’m always open to trying it out, so let me know! Even if I did fail miserably…

Thanks for reading, 



I’ve been on a serious summer-lovin’ (and posts that include lists…) kick lately, in case you haven’t noticed. 

So, I knew I needed to share with you my round-up of my favorite summer beers. I have them all listed below with my very sorry attempt at beer-snobbery in describing their tastes. (Really, keep your expectations low on the descriptions and just try these out for yourself.)

The Beers That Have Made My Intense Favorite Beer Screening Process:

  • New Belgium Heavy Melon- This is definitely my newest favorite beer! It’s sweet and summery, but still has a hint of lime to keep it nice and crisp. Now, this isn’t an all day beer, however it works perfectly to sip on while you grill or get ready for some backyard festivities. 
  • Left Hand Brewing Good Juju- If you  like a classic beer with a twist, this is an absolute must. There’s a teeny hint of ginger that is super refreshing, without being in your face.  I prefer to pair this beer with an intense game of corn hole: the Good Juju improves my aim. 
  • New Belguim Summer Helles- Ok, I am slightly New Belguim biased.  Fort Collins is just so close and the beers are just so good. Plus, this beer is completely different than the Heavy Melon, but equally delicious. This beer is light without being hoppy, and that’s a big deal for me. Summer means I want light beers, but I’m a dark beer girl at heart so it can be hard to find. Luckily, I have this one. 
  • Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Shandy- Grapefruit is very trendy right now. I mean it’s all over Instagram (it totally accents the all-white-er’ything-aesthetic). This beer isn’t just a fleeting trend though. It’s an amazing balance of citrus and beer– not overpowering, and just tart enough. 
  • Boddingtons Pub Ale- So, this is not a seasonal beer– I just prefer to drink it in the summer. I love beers that are on nitro (like Guiness), but I don’t really want a dark beer in the summer. This fills that void. It feels like a nitro, while staying delightfully light. And it accompanies a night of front porch swinging (along with mosquito swatting) perfectly. 

I would love, love, love to hear your favorite summer beer picks. Strictly for research/blog purposes, of course… Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,



It’s sweet summertime and that means it’s road trip season! Now, to help the level of dread that accompanies the ump-teen hour trek you have ahead of you, I have a few items that will make it much more enjoyable. 


  • Crosswords– as a co-pilot your job is to keep the driver alert and less miserable (which Brady tells me sometimes means I just need to  s t o p  talking, but that’s not really my style). I stole this tip from my brother, and these work great to pass the time. 
  • Face wipes or spray– pop these in your bag to keep your skin happy and avoid vacay break outs. These wipes and this spray I swear by. 
  • Planner– there is always lots and lots of time to talk when on the road. And during these chats there is almost always something that comes up I remember I need to do, but if I don’t write it down I will completely forget, so I keep my planner close at hand.
  • Overpriced, trendy, latesthealthkick drink– really, I just love jumping on any health-kick bandwagon and these help me feel slightly better about all the delicious, albeit greasy, food I usually consume when traveling. 
  • Water bottle-it is tempting to just survive on all those gas station snacks and drinks you never have, unless your on the road. But, staying hydrated makes me feel so, so much better during the trip. 
  • Air freshener– I usually have dogs in tow and this is essential.

Hope these help with your next trip! I am literally writing this from the road and so far EVERY item here has been super helpful. Granted driving through the Tetons and Yellowstone does help, but these have also gotten me through a stint covering the entire state of Nevada. 

Enjoy your next trip!

Thanks for reading,