Dear September,

September,  I always have ridiculously high expectations for you.  I want you to be perfect.  Bring me balance after summer, but not make me feel like I’m in a rut.  Bring me crisp fall weather, but not get too chilly.  Bring me endless fall beers and cinnamon coffee, but not extra weight.  Bring me bundling in a blanket, but not freezing my toes off.  It’s really not fair. At all.  And I do apologize for that.  I’ve got to quit doing that.  It’s just too much for you to live up to.

But, I have to admit: September, you completely nailed it.

You were practically perfect.

Thank goodness, because crummy months can lead to seriously crummy and repetitive letters… And sometimes they make me swear and that leads to a less-than-impressed mother of mine.  So, thank you for sending me ALL the good vibes, September.  And my mom thanks you, too.  Oh, and Brady, because he is the one that has to deal with my crummy month moods.

September, you are a  g o o d  month.  That’s the only way to explain it.  You get to bring new beginnings without the obnoxious pressure– and hangover– that comes with January.  You keep it simple.

Oh, and you are full of stellar stuff.  The fresh new round of seasonal beers.  Crisp days, that are still full of sunshine.  My Papha’s birthday.  Squash recipes for every, stinkin’ meal.  Fresh notebooks, pen, planners, and binder clips (yeah, this whole teaching gig has its’ perks).  PSLs that a lot of people seem to really enjoy, so I’m happy for them–and thankful that you still have cinnamon coffee fore me.  The acceptability of wearing leggings and crewnecks every, single minute that I’m not at work.  College football (oh, yes and trips to Chicago and Notre Dame fore me…), and all of the nachos that go along with it.  You really lucked out on all this stuff.

You pretty much give all of the feels that come with holiday season, without the traveling and stress zits.

So, I want to thank you for living up to all of my ridiculous September hopes.  October just needs to be prepared that I am doing the only healthy thing, and pushing my unbelievably, unrealistically high expectations right on to it.

Thanks for reading,



I have been talking about getting eyelash extensions F O R E V E R.  Seriously.  I was super fixated on it– barely short of obsessed.  But, I didn’t take the plunge until just recently.  And that is when I officially accepted my fate as a Full Fledged Diva.  I’ll be leasing a Benz and attempting to wrangle Teton into a designer handbag any day now.

Here’s a rundown of the general pros and cons of eyelash extensions, before I hop into my personal experience.


  • Time– My make-up routine, now literally takes 5 minutes, tops. BB Cream, eyebrow gel (I’ve got some wild brows), and a teeny bit of bronzer.
  • Ease– The actual maintence of these is pretty easy.  I just “wash” them when I’m in the shower or before bed.  Then, I take a spooly to them, and brush them out to keep them from drying all clumpy/spikey/weird.
  • Flutter factor– Uh, these are perfect for eyelash fluttering. 


  • Time–  It took about 90 minutes for my first full set, and fills are supposed to take around an hour.  With proper aftercare fills should happen about every 3 weeks (I’m hoping to push 4).  And that may not seem excessively long, but that does really cut into my dog walking/chips and salsa eating/binge watching sitcoms time after work.
  • Price– Depending on where you go and who you get them from the price can vary from expensive to ridiculously/outrageously expensive.  Based on my research (some rigorous googling and YouTube video watching) and speaking with my salon, the initial set is usually over $100 then, the fills are around $60 to $75.  So, it’s pricey. I justify the price because this is my only thing.  I do my own nails and eyebrows and try to extend my time between hair appointments as long as possible.  I think that makes this more acceptable…right?
  • Sleep– It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but I’ve been trying not to sleep with my face crammed straight into my pillow (my preferred position– although, I do thrash around like a shark throughout the night).  I’ve noticed that when I do that I wake up with crazy bed-head-esque lashes.

Squinty eyes are all my own doing– nothing to do with the lashes.

Overall, I am THRILLED with my new lashes.  My go-to look is “seemingly, naturally beautiful– but with perfect skin and ridiculously long and voluminous lashes.”  Simple enough, right?  Now, I’ve got the lashes and I’m still working towards that perfect skin.  Adjusting to the new look did take a bit of time.  It’s just shocking to see such a change… But, don’t worry, Brady made it easier by continually referring to me as Daisy Duck.  Now, though, I am 100% in love and addicted to these lashes.

Thanks for reading,



If I get anything under 7 hours of sleep, I am an absolute bear to be around. But, I just don’t want to look like one. 

I’m a Sleep Diva and I know it. But, with the start of a new school year, later nights and early mornings are just a part of the gig. So, I’m doing my best to work on my mood… It’s a real work in progress… I have, however, perfected the art of not looking like I’m about to come unglued and/or curl up for a nap in the corner of my classroom. 

Here’s what you need:

Good color corrector/eye cream

Undereye bags that are puffy and as dark as the night you didn’t sleep through are a dead giveaway that you’re exhausted. Now, there are tons of products out the to fight puffiness. And tons more to fight darkness. And tons more to fight dryness. But, slathering all of those products on has never worked for me.

Luckily,  I recently discovered First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy and it does all 3 of those things! With one lightweight product and in much less time.  It’s a newbie for me, but has been a game changer. 

Minimal make up

Whenever I am feeling extra run-down I tend to think that piling on the make up will hide it.  But, I have found that to be absolutely not true (through some serious trial-and-error and sleep-deprived-cake-face days).

Keep it simple with a BB cream (I swear by this one), a bit of bronzer, and gobs of mascara (I always overdo the mascara), you will be feeling/ looking much better.

Hydrating facial spray

Alright, I know this sounds unbelievably high maintenance and ridiculous. Such an unnecessary step on a morning when you are probably already running late, right? WRONG. This magic, little stuff can fresh faced look when you’re not actually feeling fresh at all.

 I recently received a sample of this Tatcha one and I love it, but this SUPER AFFORDABLE oneEditis my favorite. For real– don’t knock this step until you try it. 

Oh and CAFFEINE… Yeah definitely caffeine…

I have found that the perfect recipe for those days when I’m going to need some extra help. It took a few days where I seriously over did it and found myself wide awake at 3 am. And a few days where I barely suffered through and wound up trying to use my car keys to unlock my house before passing out on the couch at 4 pm. 

 But, if I start a sleepy day with lemon water while I get ready, have my coffee (with milk, a bit of sugar, and lots of cinnamon) around 9:30–or 10 if I can make it–then fight off the afternoon lull with some matcha green tea around 2, I am golden.

Thanks for reading,


(Only slightly basic) FALL FAVORITES

Fall is here!

While I am not a fan of pumpkin flavored anything (not because I’m cool and original– I still blindly follow the booties and scarves trend), I do love me some fall.

And I feel no shame about it! So, I’m going to share some of my fall faves with you.

and then proceed to shove fall themed posts down your throat, until I’m ready to complain about my frozen toes. 

Book: Harry Potter (any and all from the series).

Coffee: Whichever k-cups are on sale, topped with milk and cinnamon.

Beer: This one is still up for grabs this year. I’ll be sure to taste test and retest as many as I can to give you a well researched answer.

Bundling Gear: I tried to think of something trendy and aesthetically pleasing for this, but it’s 100% my torn-resown-threadbare-pink-with-decorative-telephones blanket.

Candle: This Smoked Wood and Amber candle from Paddywax smells just like Fall, but isn’t sweet-cupcakes-give-you-a-tooth-ache-just-by-breathing-deeply; it’s perfect.

Pampering: Now, is the best time to bust out my detoxifying  and hydrating mask!

Jamas: Ok, admittedly I am a 9 years old sweats and stained t-shirt to bed type. But, I am considering stepping up my game to a cozy jama set. Maybe. 

Shoes: My Sorel shirt boots I got for last Christmas (the specific color I have isn’t available but these ones Editare super cute, too). I bust them out as soon as there is any sort of chill in the air.

Movie: Remember the Titans— All time FAVORITE movie and perfect to kick off football season (someone call the pun return team, because I just nailed that).

Adventure: Camping. It’s hard to fit in (mostly considering the college football line up for the weekend), but I love waking up on cool mornings, sitting by the fire for coffee… and bundling in 26 layers to stay warm at night.

Scarf: This circle scarf. It can literally turn into a blanket. Like a full-on-cover-your-entire-body-and-fall-asleep-in-the-movie-theater blanket. But, it’s not too bulky to wear normally. (Although, I was recently gifted a Hufflepuff scarf that could make a serious run for this title.)

Food: Anything with sweet potato or squash. I LOVE fancy butternut squash recipes, but love throwing frozen sweet potato fries into the oven on a lazy night just as much.


I know… I know…Blah, blah, PSL, blah, sweater weather, blah, blah, crisp leaves, blah. But, let’s be honest: there is some serious truth to why this season is sooo popular. It’s hard to beat that chill in the air (before your fingers are cracked and frozen) and bundling up in your favorite blanket.

Thanks for reading,



I would classify my fishing abilities somewhere between “mostly lucky” to “mediocre skill.”  So, if you came looking for foolproof fishing tips you are DEFINITELY in the right place. I’ve been know to land a solid 4 or 5 baby brook trout, the occasional lazy and fat white fish, or even a confused rainbow every so often.  Whoa— I know.

But, there are some rare times when I’m not just slaying it out there and I want to explain why.

exactly why I don’t catch fish:

  • I get hungry.  I’ve only got about 3 good hours of fishing (maybe) in me before I’m ready for my next meal.
  • Fish can sense my skill as I deftly stumble my way through the river.
  • I give fish too much credit.  I spend a good chunk of time changing up flies and trying to stay in the shadows and not yelling… But, let’s be honest: fish aren’t winning any Animal Kingdom Trivia Nights.
  • I don’t give fish enough credit.  If I do catch a fish I will just keep casting and casting and casting into that same spot for the rest of the day, assuming the fish I caught is stupid enough to eat a glistening metal hook covered in string, again.
  • According to Brady: Casting.  I like to “whip it and whip it good.” Apparently–not the recommended technique.
  • I’m a control freak.  I can’t let trout run; I fight them tooth and nail with ridiculously tight lines until they spit the hook.
  • I talk to the fish that I do catch like puppies.  They go back and tell their friends.  And no self-respecting fish wants to go through that.
  • I am too busy constantly checking over my shoulder for wild life.  We’ve got moose, elk, deer, beavers, and bears around us.  And those can be some mean mamajamas when you are in their space.
  • I’m a diva.  I get cold and tired and lose focus pretty easily
  • I try TOO HARD.  I’ve never really mastered that whole relaxing thing.

So there you have it: the only reasons why I don’t catch all the fish.  Feel free to let me know any reasons you don’t catch fish (I could always use a few more excuses reasons to add to my list).

Thanks for reading,