In case this is your first time here: Hi, I’m Sydney and I’m a compulsive list writer.

Which means I am also a serious sucker for a good writing journal.  Truthfully, I keep notebooks for everything … One for lesson plans, one for work outs, one for day-to-day to-do lists, one for my wannabe-artist doodles, one for house hunting (uh YES! we are buying a house!! which is super exciting, but can also be overwhelming– hence the need for list making).  I am a person that absolutely-100%-I-need-it-or-my-brain-will-explode-and-nothing-will-ever-get-done rely on my plethora of lists.

Thank goodness for Pen + Pillar.

FullSizeRender3Taylor Mahkle is one of the absolutely most fantastic creators out there.  Her designs are gorgeous, without being too overwhelming or busy.  Her colors are vibrant, but not so in your face that you feel like a walking neon sign. There is a serious water-color vibe to her work that feels simple, but unique.

Plus, her actual products themselves are HIGH QUALITY.  A true stationary freak like myself can appreciate this.  You can tell that Taylor values putting out good items.  It’s a classic quality over quantity situation.  There is definite love and purpose put into every single product.

Oh and the best part (I mean as if it could get better than supporting a small business, drooling over outstanding artwork, and writing every little list your heart desires): 10% of each Pen + Pillar sale goes towards helping refugees get settled and feel safe in their new home.  How incredible is that?!

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