I would classify my fishing abilities somewhere between “mostly lucky” to “mediocre skill.”  So, if you came looking for foolproof fishing tips you are DEFINITELY in the right place. I’ve been know to land a solid 4 or 5 baby brook trout, the occasional lazy and fat white fish, or even a confused rainbow every so often.  Whoa— I know.

But, there are some rare times when I’m not just slaying it out there and I want to explain why.

exactly why I don’t catch fish:

  • I get hungry.  I’ve only got about 3 good hours of fishing (maybe) in me before I’m ready for my next meal.
  • Fish can sense my skill as I deftly stumble my way through the river.
  • I give fish too much credit.  I spend a good chunk of time changing up flies and trying to stay in the shadows and not yelling… But, let’s be honest: fish aren’t winning any Animal Kingdom Trivia Nights.
  • I don’t give fish enough credit.  If I do catch a fish I will just keep casting and casting and casting into that same spot for the rest of the day, assuming the fish I caught is stupid enough to eat a glistening metal hook covered in string, again.
  • According to Brady: Casting.  I like to “whip it and whip it good.” Apparently–not the recommended technique.
  • I’m a control freak.  I can’t let trout run; I fight them tooth and nail with ridiculously tight lines until they spit the hook.
  • I talk to the fish that I do catch like puppies.  They go back and tell their friends.  And no self-respecting fish wants to go through that.
  • I am too busy constantly checking over my shoulder for wild life.  We’ve got moose, elk, deer, beavers, and bears around us.  And those can be some mean mamajamas when you are in their space.
  • I’m a diva.  I get cold and tired and lose focus pretty easily
  • I try TOO HARD.  I’ve never really mastered that whole relaxing thing.

So there you have it: the only reasons why I don’t catch all the fish.  Feel free to let me know any reasons you don’t catch fish (I could always use a few more excuses reasons to add to my list).

Thanks for reading,