(Only slightly basic) FALL FAVORITES

Fall is here!

While I am not a fan of pumpkin flavored anything (not because I’m cool and original– I still blindly follow the booties and scarves trend), I do love me some fall.

And I feel no shame about it! So, I’m going to share some of my fall faves with you.

and then proceed to shove fall themed posts down your throat, until I’m ready to complain about my frozen toes. 

Book: Harry Potter (any and all from the series).

Coffee: Whichever k-cups are on sale, topped with milk and cinnamon.

Beer: This one is still up for grabs this year. I’ll be sure to taste test and retest as many as I can to give you a well researched answer.

Bundling Gear: I tried to think of something trendy and aesthetically pleasing for this, but it’s 100% my torn-resown-threadbare-pink-with-decorative-telephones blanket.

Candle: This Smoked Wood and Amber candle from Paddywax smells just like Fall, but isn’t sweet-cupcakes-give-you-a-tooth-ache-just-by-breathing-deeply; it’s perfect.

Pampering: Now, is the best time to bust out my detoxifying  and hydrating mask!

Jamas: Ok, admittedly I am a 9 years old sweats and stained t-shirt to bed type. But, I am considering stepping up my game to a cozy jama set. Maybe. 

Shoes: My Sorel shirt boots I got for last Christmas (the specific color I have isn’t available but these ones Editare super cute, too). I bust them out as soon as there is any sort of chill in the air.

Movie: Remember the Titans— All time FAVORITE movie and perfect to kick off football season (someone call the pun return team, because I just nailed that).

Adventure: Camping. It’s hard to fit in (mostly considering the college football line up for the weekend), but I love waking up on cool mornings, sitting by the fire for coffee… and bundling in 26 layers to stay warm at night.

Scarf: This circle scarf. It can literally turn into a blanket. Like a full-on-cover-your-entire-body-and-fall-asleep-in-the-movie-theater blanket. But, it’s not too bulky to wear normally. (Although, I was recently gifted a Hufflepuff scarf that could make a serious run for this title.)

Food: Anything with sweet potato or squash. I LOVE fancy butternut squash recipes, but love throwing frozen sweet potato fries into the oven on a lazy night just as much.


I know… I know…Blah, blah, PSL, blah, sweater weather, blah, blah, crisp leaves, blah. But, let’s be honest: there is some serious truth to why this season is sooo popular. It’s hard to beat that chill in the air (before your fingers are cracked and frozen) and bundling up in your favorite blanket.

Thanks for reading,


  • Fall is definitely my favorite season for camping! Summer is just so…sticky. In fall, everything is crisp and cool. Can’t wait!

    • Oh, I totally agree about summer being sticky. The tent can easily turn into a not-so-relaxing sauna. So glad I’m not the only one!