Dear September,

September,  I always have ridiculously high expectations for you.  I want you to be perfect.  Bring me balance after summer, but not make me feel like I’m in a rut.  Bring me crisp fall weather, but not get too chilly.  Bring me endless fall beers and cinnamon coffee, but not extra weight.  Bring me bundling in a blanket, but not freezing my toes off.  It’s really not fair. At all.  And I do apologize for that.  I’ve got to quit doing that.  It’s just too much for you to live up to.

But, I have to admit: September, you completely nailed it.

You were practically perfect.

Thank goodness, because crummy months can lead to seriously crummy and repetitive letters… And sometimes they make me swear and that leads to a less-than-impressed mother of mine.  So, thank you for sending me ALL the good vibes, September.  And my mom thanks you, too.  Oh, and Brady, because he is the one that has to deal with my crummy month moods.

September, you are a  g o o d  month.  That’s the only way to explain it.  You get to bring new beginnings without the obnoxious pressure– and hangover– that comes with January.  You keep it simple.

Oh, and you are full of stellar stuff.  The fresh new round of seasonal beers.  Crisp days, that are still full of sunshine.  My Papha’s birthday.  Squash recipes for every, stinkin’ meal.  Fresh notebooks, pen, planners, and binder clips (yeah, this whole teaching gig has its’ perks).  PSLs that a lot of people seem to really enjoy, so I’m happy for them–and thankful that you still have cinnamon coffee fore me.  The acceptability of wearing leggings and crewnecks every, single minute that I’m not at work.  College football (oh, yes and trips to Chicago and Notre Dame fore me…), and all of the nachos that go along with it.  You really lucked out on all this stuff.

You pretty much give all of the feels that come with holiday season, without the traveling and stress zits.

So, I want to thank you for living up to all of my ridiculous September hopes.  October just needs to be prepared that I am doing the only healthy thing, and pushing my unbelievably, unrealistically high expectations right on to it.

Thanks for reading,