unnamedDear October,

Now, October, I really wanted to be annoyed with you.  I mean all of the “PSL-this and boots-with-leaves-selfie-that“– I just about couldn’t take it.  Let’s be real: I started to think if I saw one more baby posed next to a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch I just may lose it.  Sure, they are adorable and all, but still that stuff can just wear on you.

Everyone was pretty jacked about you October, and it made me resent you just a bit.

And I should probably apologize for that.  Once I got of my I-don’t-want-to-love-everything-that-everyone-else-loves-because-I’m-not-hipster-but-kind-of-like-the-idea-of-pretending-to-be-one horse, I actually really enjoyed you.  Who cares if I’m not the first person on the planet to appreciate bright gold leaves and blanket scarves and curling up with hot tea?  I still like it!  And so does everyone else, and I’m not bitter about that (any more).

So, there, I’m sorry.

Oh, and, uh, another thing that made me like you just a bit more… You have been absolutely beautiful.

And I know that may sound a bit shallow, like I’m supposed to focus more on how you made me feel and what you bring to the table (and I ate A LOT– as you can see here).  But I don’t care.  You are ridiculously gorgeous and I want everyone to know it.

Wyoming can get a seriously rough wrap.  And I don’t exactly help that by complaining about the cold/wind for a good 80% of the year.  So sorry about that, because it is completely not fair.  Our falls are completely breathtaking, and a large part of that is thanks to you, October.  You were full of bright yellow trees and warm sunshine and crisp breezes.  There was really nothing to complain about, which is hardly ever the case with Wyoming weather.

I guess you were kind of like that popular girl in high school that I really wanted to dislike because everyone liked her, but then it turns out she’s really pretty and nice and funny and shares her snack in math class with me… Yeah, you were like that.  Sorry I got all judgey at the beginning, October.  You’re pretty neat.

Thanks for reading,