GOIN’ ROGUE (and a little wild)

One of the biggest pushes for me to get back into this MGG world was my NEED to share some of my favorite businesses to support. And in a way that was a bit less abrasive than launching into an over-the-top monologue with anyone who complimented my skin (whether it was a grocery clerk or friend’s mother, I was all over it). The first business I knew I had to cover was Wild Rogue Botanicals.

I am obsessed with skincare. Truly. I have 4 makeup products that I use everyday and they fit very comfortably in a mini makeup bag. Which is perfect because I need 2 entire drawers for my skincare. I have always had kind of problematic skin and I love testing new products to do whatever I can to combat that.

But, I am also passionate about shopping small.  Supporting those smaller businesses that truly care and value each and every customer makes me feel way better about any spending I do on a wine-fueled, online shopping binge. I love knowing that the shop is run by a husband and wife team. I love that Larissa sends a cute note on her business card when I buy something. Brady loves that they sent a beard balm to try out because they know he has the beard oil and sometimes feels left out with all of my skincare purchases. I love Wild Rogue Botanicals.

The products I’m slathering on my face and body need to be made with care. With WRB I know that they are. I can catch shots of the small batch creation process on their Instagram story (and I get mesmerized by those snaps…). Plus, the products are all natural, which seriously agrees with my skin.

More care + Better quality = Prettier Sydney

Body Scrub

I love this scrub! I have tried tons of different scrubs from bigger skincare brands, but my biggest complaint was that they were a bit too “soft” for me. If I’m going to take the time to exfoliate, I really want to get in there and exfoliate. So, I turned to some Pinterest inspired DIY coffee scrubs. Those were better for my taste, but an absolute mess to clean up each time I used them.

Thank goodness this Green Goddess was introduced into my life. It’s perfectly gritty–not scratchy– without the mess.

Dry Shampoo

I’m not shy about my love for dry shampoo. It’s a necessity for me and this one smells like rosemary and mint. Enough said.

Hair Oil

Everything about me is dry: my skin, my sense of humor, my martinin (if I drank those), my hair. This oil is essential for helping the brittle ends of my hair between conditionings.

Oh, and the smell is INCREDIBLE.

Cleansing Grains

The idea of cleansing grains was pretty foreign to me, but now I’m sold.

The Detoxifying grains are my go to when I can feel that I’m on the verge of a break out. They really help keep whatever is about ready to erupt at bay. And the Brightening grains are my favorite to use as a mask. Now that my breakouts are not nearly as frequent (Thank You WRB!), my biggest skin issue is leftover acne marks.using these grains as a mask about once a week is really helping those red marks fade

*I definitely recommend this as a nighttime mask, as the yellow tint can linger for a bit.

Facial Oil

This is by far my favorite product!

My skin gets crazy dry. Like flakes of skin making me look like a molting reptile dry. Super attractive. So, I need a ton of moisture in my life. I have tried tons of different oils and this is The Best. It hydrates my skin, but doesn’t leave me looking like a greased hot dog (which B would lovingly call me with most of my other oils). It’s smells fantastic. It has a pump! Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but it’s  w a y  less mess than a dropper.

And I swear this oil has me looking like the spitting image of Blake Lively without make-up (minus the kids, Ryan Reynolds, and good hair).

WRB also makes bath salts that I would loveto try–  once I become the kind of person fancy enough for bath salts. Plus, they make killer beard oil and balm. And I can attest to that, not because I have a beard, but because Brady does and it smells way better and is way less scratchy with some WRB help.

Be sure to swing by Wild Rogue Botanicals as soon as you get the chance. You’ll be treating yourself while supporting a phenomenal pair.

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  • Rachel Patrick, RDN

    Shoot, now I am going to have to try these, Sydney. Love those local businesses and look like nice products for the NW! Hope you are well.

    • mountaingirlygirl@gmail.com

      Oh Rachel I love that! These are definitely worth it, and I’m a serious lover of small businesses too. It’s so great to hear from you!