This year I decided to run a half marathon each month.  Of course, I had never run a half marathon before.  Ever.  But, starting with 13 in 2017 seemed like the perfect move (yes, I know there are only 12 months in a year, but I am throwing in a bonus one for a nice even 13).


Now, with how much I over-think/over-stress/over-analyze everything, this decision came shockingly quickly.  One night, in the last week of January I couldn’t sleep and this thought popped up in my head (along with 3,458 other thoughts).  The next day I told Brady about my idea, so I had someone to hold me accountable.  Then, that weekend I ran 13.1 miles (on the treadmill, with my iPad catching me up on all of my favorite ABC shows like any truly dedicated runner).

I guess, this wasn’t completely unprepared for.  I mean, I do exercise on a very regular basis.  I like a mixture of running, yoga, lifting, and crossfit.  But, I do balance that with eating more than most freshman college boys.  I like a mixture of nachos, ice cream, burgers, and beer.

But I did it.

It wasn’t pretty or fast and there wasn’t a massive crowd to chant my name as I crossed the finish line, but I did it.

 Here’s What I Learned:

  1. Running is boring. (I sincerely believe I would not have made it without 3 full episodes of Scandal to get me through– Shout out to my girl, Liv!)
  2. Do Not waste a freshly-washed hair day on a 13.1 mile run day.
  3. One half marathon will not give you an instant six-pack and/or Carrie Underwood-esque legs.
  4. Bathroom breaks aren’t the best option, so plan accordingly.
  5. Deodorant is a non-negotiable for me. (This may seem obvious, but I’m so used to just rolling out of bed and working out with Brady, who has promised to love me for better or smellier, that I totally forgot it and really regretted it from mile .5 on)
  6. “Running Ideas” are even better than “Shower Ideas.”
  7. Recovery food/drinks should be planned ahead– grocery shopping after a run this long is even less fun than normal grocery shopping.
  8. Recovery beer-in-the-bath-tub is a real thing.
  9. Meals the night before a run aren’t that big of a deal.  For real.  I slammed an entire pizza and half a pint of ice cream– I’m pretty sure the run would have sucked either way.
  10.  Running seriously works your hip-flexors. Who knew?!
  11. Instagramming while running is very dangerous and takes some serious skill. (But, how will people know I did it if I don’t InstaLive it?)
  12. Cute running clothes make you faster.
  13. I can definitely do this.

And this Saturday I’ll get to do it all over again for my February Half Marathon…

Please, anyone out there with running tips: send them my way! Or, if you have any running stories to inspire me (or make me feel better about my lack of preparation), share those too.

And tell me about any of your favorite races– I’m looking to fill my calendar.

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Thanks for reading,