Adventure- any new(ish) activity or experience or beer that makes your heart happy (noun)

Adventures To-Do:

  • March, April, and May half-marathons (Bonus Points: for talking B into one)
  • Be the most charming/funniest person on our upcoming brew tour
  • Hike a new Wyoming trail
  • Car camp (with fiancé, the smelliest bloodhound this side of the Mississippi, and the fattest-little-sausage mutt in tow)
  • Catch the first fish of 2017
  • “Don’t Hate, Create Week”
  • Pick a wedding venue
  • Drink all the seasonal beer
  • Out-dance (in terms of effort, not skill) everyone at the Casey Donahew Band concert
  • Climb a 14-er
  • Opening day baseball
  • Finish the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (books AND movies)
  • Hot Spring sittin’

There are very few things that give me satisfaction quite like checking something off of a to-do list.  So an ADVENTURE TO-DO LIST just about makes my type-A-high-strung-everything-needs-a-list-little heart about explode out of sheer joy.

Of course, I am aware that I’m playing pretty fast and loose with the term “Adventure” here.  But, 1. there are no adventure rules, and 2. I don’t care.  All of these things are adventures to me.  What are some of your Spring Adeventures you’re looking forward to?

Thanks for reading,