I am noticing that most of my favorite posts tend to deal with things getting messed up.  I like that and am going to use it as an excuse for the ridiculously high number of things I will mess up (and cry about at the time, but laugh about later) in the future.

Originally posted: November 17th 2015
Throwing snow

As you scroll through your Instagram or Pinterest feed, chances are at one point or another you will find some sort of picture of beautiful outdoor scenery accompanied by an ambiguous, but heartfelt quote regarding the beauty of nature.  Admittedly, I love those pictures!  But, sometimes the great outdoors are just not that great.  Below is a real account of one of my latest, tear-filled, deer-chasing, boots-full-of-snow nature outing.  Disclaimer: I have moved past this, so feel no guilt in laughing at my expense as you read along.

B Snow WalkBeing the high-strung, easily-stressed, and all around neurotic person that I am, I need some sort of outlet to allow me to relax.  Based off of some of my other posts, or my Instagram pictures, or even just the name of this blog, you may have guessed that being outdoors is that outlet for me.  Insert inspiring John Muir and/or Ralph Waldo Emerson quote here.

Usually, the outdoors are calming and a break from whatever work/financial/can’t-decide-what-outfit-to-wear-for-the-holidays issue I may be having.  Usually.
However, this is not a 100% of the time fool-proof stress reliever.  As I’m sure mothers of small or significant others of highly-emotional individuals, would be able to easily attest to—sometimes just the act of getting to and enjoying the outdoors can be a major stressor.

During my digital detox, Brady and I decided that it might be fun to spend a bit of time just east of town with the dogs.  There was a bit of snow, and we could really let them burn off some energy.  Plus, I wanted to play around with my new camera (i.e. have Brady carry it and take candid, but ridiculously flattering photos of me).

Syd and EllieThe first thing that you need to know for this post is that I have the world’s worst dog.  Teton seriously gives Marley a run for his money.  Not in the cute, he sometimes rips his toys or follows me when I tell him to ‘stay’ way either.  He is full on terrible (I promise I do really, really love him, but I talked in depth about my struggles with Teton in this post).  For example, he recently ran full speed at one of my windows because a cat was walking along the fence, and it shattered.  Yes, my 50 pound dog shattered my window.  And he did not feel any remorse, nor was he scared, nor was he hurt.  He just looked at the broken window briefly, and then ran to the next one to see where the cat had gone.

Teton has this exceptionally annoying way of whining.  It’s somewhere in between a normal dog bark and a screech you may hear from a seventh grade girl once they have finally been reunited with their BFFL, after an extremely long class period.  It’s obnoxious.  And, due to his out of control anxiety (that may be partially my fault, but that is not the point here) he makes this noise the entire time we are in the car.  Which is not necessarily soothing, during a half hour car trip.

Needless to say, Brady and I were both a bit short after surviving the car trip with Smelly Ellie and Ridiculously-High-Strung-And-Whiny Teton.  Which means Brady was just going with the flow, as usual. While I was obsessing over the fact that he didn’t seem to be having the time of his life, that my dog was driving me insane, and that I wouldn’t be able to look carefree and effortlessly gorgeous in the pictures I was planning to have Brady take.

So, I cried.

Crying is my reaction for a vast variety of emotions.  Angry?  Cry.  Tired? Cry.  Overwhelmed? Cry.  Excited? Cry.  Confused? Cry.

You get the picture.

Of course, all of this unpredictable and unreasonable crying can really make me a joy to be around.  The best way I can describe my emotional reaction is by comparing it to being drunk; you may know what you are doing is stupid/ridiculous, but you just keep doing it.

Luckily, this was not an extended crying bout (and believe me I have those—sometimes, with my brother, I will have completely gotten over whatever I was crying about and be talking about a totally new topic, but still crying; it just won’t shut off for a while).  I was able to move on uncharacteristically quickly, as Teton’s whining finally stopped and the dogs were running themselves ragged.  This outing was making a much needed turn for the best.

Dogs snow runUntil Teton, decided to chase after a deer. Which is not exactly uncommon for my wonderful little mutt.  Also, it’s surprisingly something that I actually don’t get too stressed about.  Yes, he chases after the occasional wildlife critter when he’s off his leash… but he also has such unbelievable separation anxiety I know he’ll come back.

With the exception of this time.

Teton jumpHe took off and there was no sign of him coming back for 10 minutes.  Then 15 minutes.  Then Brady decided to take off after him, seeing as I would get hopelessly lost and had on my cute, albeit completely useless, $8 boots.

My only job was to keep track of Ellie, and I am almost positive I could outrun her and/or hop on top of her back and ride her to our desired destination if need be.  So, I did that and Brady took off after The Terror.  Who did eventually come back.  Winded, but with absolutely no sign of remorse.

Ellie loves snow

We decided that was probably a good stopping point for our little outing.  We loaded the now tired, and wet, and smelly dogs back into the car.

Thankfully, the soothing tones of Teton’s whine/bark/screech eased us right back into town.  We returned haggard and in desperate need of relaxation after our ‘relaxing’ afternoon.

Sometimes, the outdoors suck.

But, I’m going to let my 67 enjoyable trips outweigh that 1 mediocre one.  Have you ever had adventures like this, where nothing seems to be going your way?  Please, let me know.

Snow in hairThanks for reading,