One of the biggest insecurities (or excuse) that I had about creating this blog was that I am absolutely not an expert on ANYTHING I cover in this blog. Like anything. I cannot stress that enough. Anything.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Tomboy, but for the first 22 years of my life I was an immensely lazy girl regarding my beauty routine. Not ‘lazy’ in the cute messy-bun and “no make-up” flawless make-up look way. ‘Lazy’ in the wrong color tinted moisturizer and only mascara kind of way. I did not brush my hair in high school or early college; my hair is naturally very textured, so that masked a decent amount of the mess. My sweat pants were over-sized and stained. 13 minutes was ample time for me to throw myself together and get to school.

Lovely image, right? I’m sure you are wondering why on earth you are even on a beauty-related blog written by this girl. Don’t worry it improves.

Now, I was not completely disgusting all the time; I loved cheerleading in high school and would get ready for game days and when I would give presentations in college I was always put-together appropriately. I know the description I am giving you sounds pretty dramatic, and yes it is true, but I didn’t look unclean all the time in high school and college. I was just very, very lazy.

Due to this engrained laziness, when I received my first professional job I was incredibly nervous about making myself look presentable every, single day. However, surprisingly enough, I found that I kind of love looking like a polished adult. Make-up is a very new love of mine.

Of course, given my lack of girly-girl credentials I really hoped that I would have some outdoors woman-ness built into my DNA. My dad, brother, and step-mom are all wonderful fly fishers (in fact my dad is even a guide, now that he has retired). We went on tons of hikes growing up. My mother’s family has always looked forward to our family reunion ski trip each year. My boyfriend loves camping and fishing. Eventually, I figured some of those skills would rub off on me. However, that never quite happened. Around age 12 I decided I would much rather read a book on shore than fish with my family. Now, I ONLY ski that one time a year (and I usually cry while my brother helps me in the back of the pack). And the first time Brady took me camping, he was severely disappointed. Like, the most disappointed he has been with me, ever: I am terrified of fire, terrible at setting up a tent, and almost lost both of the dogs at 3 in the morning.

All of that being said… I still love these things! I love watching Youtube videos as I wash dishes each night (KathleenLights is my go-to). I love reading blog posts as I lay in bed in the morning, refusing to believe it’s time to get up. I love taking the dogs on hikes during the summer. And most importantly, I love all of the people I have around me who are willing to help teach me about adventuring.

It may seem like a very small thing, but writing a blog takes a lot of courage. I love reading them and have always enjoyed writing, so it should have seemed like an obvious choice for me. However, I constantly found myself making excuses. I wanted to perfect my beauty routine. I wanted to become an expert at fly-fishing. I wanted more hair products. I wanted to have climbed tons of 14ers. But, I realize waiting for everything to fall into place is completely ridiculous. So, I would love if you could enjoy the learning process along with me.

Thanks for reading,