5 Best Women’s Climbing Jacket Options For 2021

best womens climbing jacket

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So what the best women’s climbing jacket for you? That really depends on the activities you’re going to be using it for most often. For example, if most of your time in this jacket is going to be spent rock climbing, either indoor or outdoor, then ideally it should have features that will allow you to climb safely and with ease.

Our Best Climbing Jacket For Women Recommendations

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Super/Ds Stretchdown Hooded Jacket

The Mountain Hardwear Women’s Super/Ds Stretchdown Hooded Jacket is great for rock climbing as well as backpacking because it has a long hem, a water resistant material and it compresses down into a small ball making it easy to pack. Oh, also it is quite stylish in black.

I love this softshell jacket for women because it is a water resistant material so it does not droop in the rain. This jacket is also very lightweight and the down fill inside keeps my body at a good temperature. It also compresses down into quite small of a package so I am able to fit it into my pack.


  • small and lightweight
  • not droopy in the rain


  • expensive (but still worth it!)

MARMOT Women’s PreCip

The Marmot Women’s PreCip is another excellent choice for a women’s climbing jacket. This jacket has been voted best lightweight rain jacket by Backpacker magazine and I definitely agree! You can’t go wrong with this jacket for any water related activities. The material is great for repelling the rain and this jacket is the correct length to keep you dry.


  • water resistant material
  • long enough to keep you dry


  • small in size (I had to get an XL which is larger than what I usually wear)

CAMEL CROWN Womens Rain Jacket

The Camel Crown wrens rain jacket is a very light weight jacket that will keep you dry in the rain. It has a fleece lining inside as well as two pockets on the outside which make it easy to carry where ever you are going. When you are not hiking or out climbing it can also double as a warm fall jacket just by changing the hood. You can ask any of the Camel Crown employees if they would recommend this jacket for you.


  • water resistant material yet lightweight for those soggy trail runs
  • two outside pockets make it easy to carry


  • no cons

Wantdo Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

This jacket is great for winter climbing and skiing. The color will make you stand out in a crowd and the insulation will keep you warm on those cold days. I love that this jacket has so many pockets, which is very helpful for all of the extra things that I like to carry with me when I am headed out to climb or ski.


  • surprising warmth
  • blended fleece insulated jackets for warmth in cold climates but breathability for warmer climates


  • too many pockets (they are hard to find and some of them are weird sizes)

MARMOT Women’s Roam Lightweight

This jacket is great for wearing under your climbing harness or as a layering garment while you are rock climbing. It is lightweight and breathable, keeping your body temperature where it should be to help you stay safe. I like the long length of this jacket, which helps keep me dry and warm. This jacket can also double as outerwear when the weather is warm.


  • water resistant materials keep you dry in the rain and wind
  • very breathable so heat does not build up inside your jacket, keeping you cool and comfortable


  • sleeve length is too short for me (I have huge arms though so this could be avoided)

What To Look For When Choosing A Women’s Climbing Jacket

Now that you have an idea of what jackets other women have found useful for their activities, it’s time to figure out which one will be the best women’s climbing jacket for you. You need to think about how you are going to use the jacket and what type of weather you will be encountering most often.

So far, we have mostly discussed a jacket that can be used in cold temperatures and rainy situations. Before we can go into the different materials and features that you will need to look for in a climbing jacket, let’s discuss how and when you are going to be wearing this jacket.

When Do You Wear Your Women’s Climbing Jacket?

When you are wearing your climbing jacket, it is ideal if the fabric does not impede your movement. This means that pockets should not be too bulky or deep. Pockets should also be easy to reach so as not to cause problems while climbing.

If you are wearing this jacket while climbing, the hood should be wide and comfortable around your neck. The hood should also have a drawstring or some kind of adjustable closure so that it will fit snugly your head.

When you are not wearing your climbing jacket, it should be very breathable and light weight. Although you will be in the cold, this jacket is ideal for those days when it is warm enough to wear a t-shirt or other outer garment as your base layer.

Your jacket should also keep you comfortable enough so as not to cause any itching or discomfort. It should also be water resistant and prevent any dampness from entering the fabric. It should be wind resistant as well.

What Type Of Fabric Will Work Best For You?

There are three main materials that your jacket should be made of to ensure that you stay comfortable. Your jacket should be made of 100 percent nylon, polyester or a blended material. Each has its own pros and cons, but here’s a little more information on each type:

  • Nylon: This fabric tends to attract rain and is not wind resistant, meaning it will not keep you warm in cooler temperatures. It is also not ideal for those with sensitive skin because it is very rough. However, nylon is very durable and can stretch to fit your body well.
  • Polyester: This material is wind resistant and has a good amount of stretch to adjust to your body size. It is also water resistant and dries quickly. This material tends to be thicker than nylon and can be uncomfortable in warmer temperatures, but it keeps the heat in when temperatures drop. Polyester is also very durable.
  • Blended: This material is a mix of nylon and polyester. It keeps you warm in cooler temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures. It offers a good amount of stretch to adjust to your body size. This material is also durable and water resistant.

You should always check the label of your jacket to make sure that it is made of the right material for your needs. There are other materials out there but these are the most common that are used in jackets for women.

Some other brands:

  • Outdoor Research

Women’s Climbing Jackets Conclusion

There is a lot to think about when buying the right jacket. There are many options out there, but these are your best avoided. These tops work great for those who like a more casual look to their climbing shirt or those who like wearing a t-shirt under their jacket.

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