5 Best Women’s Climbing Pack Options For 2021

best women's climbing pack

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Sometimes you need to get a little creative with your backpacks. But when we talk about the best women’s climbing backpack, it’s not about having to make concessions for form – in fact, it’s all about working within the parameters of your body type and preferences!

And since there are so many considerations to take into account when picking out your perfect pack for rock climbing, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of questions for pack comparison that you may want to ask yourself before making your purchase.

Our Best Climbing Pack For Women Recommendations

Black Diamond Bullet 16 Backpack

The Black Diamond Bullet is a bomber pack that serves for a variety of purposes from hiking to ice climbing. The stout shell is made from abrasion resistant fabrics and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

A lot of backpack for women have those little side straps that are supposed to help hold your pants in place but all they do is create sharp creases. The Bullet’s padded waist belt eliminates this problem and also has a removable knob so you can adjust the pack to your body.

The Bullet has one more great feature – it’s ergonomically designed, so it distributes the weight evenly across your back.


  • Durable, Water resistant pack with reinforced bottom
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Internal mesh pocket for small items.


  • No grabbing handle and no extra straps for gear security.

N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

The NEVO RHINO is a women’s specific climbing pack that features three different pockets: one on the hip belt; one on the bottom of the pack; and one at the front. Each pocket is big enough to hold a cams, helmet and gear.

The hip belt even has a long, adjustable sternum compression strap. This climbing harness keeps your hips in place while moving through rough terrain and allows for more mobility than a traditional frame backpack.

The backpack has a great suspension system, lightweight and comfortable. The RHINO’s aluminum frame makes it 10 ounces lighter than the average internal frame backpack.


  • Lightweight, Durable and Removable aluminum frame.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps with padded inlay.
  • Internal hydration reservoir sleeve and space for extra water bottle.


  • Backpack can be difficult to pack and unpack.
  • Internal frame feels a little clunky but not uncomfortable.

PETZL – NA Bug Rock 18 Liter Climbing Backpack

The Petzl NA Bug Rock 18 Liter Climbing Backpack is designed for women with a slender figure and narrow lower body. Although this pack is best for petite women, it’s also a great size for men who want smaller backpacks than their counterparts.

Do not let the small size of this climbing pack fool you. There’s room inside for all the necessities you’ll need while out on the trails or climbing rocks and maybe even at the gym climbing location.

It has 2 main zippered pockets closure systems: one with an internal mesh pocket and one without. The main compartment also has an external zippered pocket and a large front pocket with an internal mesh pocket. A velcro-tongued strap on the front of the pack makes it easy to keep your trail running shoes from slipping off.

The frame of this petite cragging pack features an adjustable length dual aluminum section for comfort. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded with mesh for breathability.


  • Comes with 2 hanger attachment points to hang things
  • Great size for a short trip
  • Small but can hold a lot of weight.
  • Shorter women find this pack fits them perfectly.


  • The water bottle pockets are angled, which can be tough to reach.

VEVESMUNDO 50L Hiking Backpack

The VEVESMUNDO 50L backpack is made from high-quality material. It has a limited lifetime warranty and anti-tear fabric.

The top loading main compartment can be accessed through a large zippered top opening or two smaller zippered openings on each side. The zippered top opening is nice for packing large items but the side openings are easier to use with small items like climbing shoes.

The main compartment has a built-in sleeve for a 3L hydration bladder. The top of the pack also has two smaller pockets and inside there’s a pouch for your laptop. There’s also one extra pocket on the bottom of the pack that’s great for stashing shoes or dirty clothes.

This climbing backpack is made from water-resistant material and features an adjustable waist belt, padded shoulder straps, and padded back with lumbar support.


  • Great value for a large backpack.
  • Quality construction and design.
  • Hydration pack comes with the backpack.
  • Loads of pockets inside and out; great for organization.


  • A lot of different pockets can make it difficult to find things.
  • This large pack is not that “small” compared to other small climbing packs.

FENGDONG 40L Waterproof Lightweight

This climbing backpack has a simple top-loading design which makes it easy to find things. There’s a zipper pocket on the front of the pack, two on each side and three pockets on the inside of the main compartment; one small and two big ones. The bottom pocket is great for storing shoes or stashing dirty clothes.

This climbing pack is made from high-quality material and features an adjustable waist belt, padded shoulder straps, and back with lumbar support.


  • Great value for a large backpack.
  • Hydration pack comes with the backpack.
  • Loads of pockets inside and out; great for organization.
  • Lots of water protection against spills.


  • A lot of different pockets can make it difficult to find things.

What To Look For When Choosing A Women’s Climbing Pack

The most important thing to look for when choosing a women’s climbing backpack is the size. You want one that will be comfortable and not overburden you. The capacity should be adequate for your planned trip length. If you’re going on an overnight, weekend, or week-long adventure then you need at least a 30–50 liter backpack. For longer trips we recommend over 50 liters.

The second most important thing to look for is the comfort and adjustability. You want a comfortable pack so that you can carry it all day and not feel strained or sore, while having the ability for accurate adjustment.

The third most important thing to look for is a pack that fits your body well. Choosing one that’s too big or small will never end well! Check out sizing charts before buying a new pack as well.

The last thing to look for is what type of climbing backpack you want. The main types are top-loading, panel loading, and frameless packs. Top loading and panel loading packs are the most common.

Some more quick picks:

  • Mountain Hardwears Scrambler

Women’s Climbing Pack Conclusion

Women’s climbing backpacks are an important accessory and part of your climbing gear that you can’t live without if you’re going to be an avid climber. We hope that this guide helped you figure out what type of pack is best for you and the activities you’ll be done.

It will take a little bit of trial and error to find the right pack for you, so go with one that has a good return policy just in case!

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