10 Best Women’s Climbing Shoes For 2021

best women's climbing shoes

Our Top Choice – Scarpa Instinct VS Women’s Climbing Shoes

If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’re in luck. Scarpa’s Instinct VS Women’s Climbing Shoes are designed specifically to handle hard and challenging terrain with maximum comfort, stability and traction. Made from leather and a microfiber lining, these shoes are not only durable but most importantly, comfortable for all day use. Be sure to look for the VS version, which has a Velcro strap and a soft rubber rand that encases the entire length of the shoe. This helps provide great edging power and stability on small holds.

The Scarpa Instinct VS Women’s Climbing Shoes are designed with women in mind. Aside from the superior performance, they’re also some of the most stylish climbing shoes on the market. With a mesh lining, padded footbed and Velcro strap closure system, you’re able to climb comfortably and securely with these shoes. The padded footbed will provide you with cushioned traction and help protect your feet from the thorns and other rocks on your favorite outdoor climbs.


  • They’re made of premium leather and microfiber which helps them last a lot longer
  • The microfiber material gives you a feeling of maximum comfort when climbing or just walking around
  • You’ll be able to have incredible edging power thanks to the Velcro strap closure system
  • With a soft rubber rand and soft leather construction, they are durable and comfortable enough for all day use.


  • The Velcro strap closure system can be difficult to operate (especially for the first time)
  • If you prefer more stability on your heels, these shoes might be too soft.

The Runner Up – Katana Lace Climbing Shoe

The Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoe is designed with an asymmetrical lace closure system. This allows you to adjust the shoe as you go for a personalized fit that suits your needs. It also has a stretchy high intensity polyamide (PE) upper that gives you a more comfortable fit. These shoes are lightweight, breathable and durable. Not to mention, they’re one of the best-looking climbing shoes on the market. With plenty of color options and a low profile design, these shoes are ideal for all types of rock climbing activity.

The Katana Lace women’s rock climbing shoes are best for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting and lacing their shoes on the wall. The asymmetrical lace system can be adjusted to your specifications and the rest of the shoe can be tightened during a climb with the Velcro strap closure. The lack of ankle support can be problematic for some rock climbers, but it can also work well for those who have sensitive feet.


  • They’re well constructed and designed which helps keep the foot secure and comfortable
  • The Velcro strap closure system gives you the ability to adjust the shoe as you go.
  • Due to its sleek design, they not only look good, but they’re also super lightweight and breathable. Plus, these climbing shoes are very durable.


  • The lack of ankle support can be problematic for certain individuals with wider feet or sensitive ankles.

For The Gym – Women’s Anasazi LV

Experience the world’s best climbing shoe, the Women’s Anasazi LV. The Anasazi has a slipper-like fit for superior comfort and performance. With a Velcro strap closure system, you’ll be able to adjust your shoes in seconds. Plus, you’ll be able to climb with more confidence knowing your feet are protected.

The Women’s Anasazi LV is best for gym climbers who want to improve their footwork skills. The slipper-like fit gives you total comfort along with the perfect amount of tension. The Velcro strap allows you to adjust your shoe as you go, so if your foot is sliding or moving around a lot, simply adjust the strap accordingly.


  • The Anasazi is extremely comfortable and ideal for gym climbing
  • They’re made of leather and microfiber which makes them durable enough for use outdoors.
  • The thick rubber sole offers great traction and durability so you won’t have to worry about your shoe tearing apart the first time you climb outside.


  • If your shoe fits a bit too tight, it can be very uncomfortable during a climb.

For Beginners – Scarpa Women’s Force V

Designed with comfort and performance in mind, the Scarpa Women’s Force V Climbing Shoe is meant for all types of outdoor and indoor climbing. Made from suede, these shoes are both durable and comfortable. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. With an adjustable heel rand, you’ll be able to adjust your shoes as you go for a more personalized fit.

The Scarpa Women’s Force V is perfect for beginners who want their first climbing shoe to last a long time. The leather upper helps make the shoe durable, but it’s also breathable enough to keep your feet from getting too hot while operating on the wall. Plus, the Velcro strap closure system makes adjusting your shoe easy and convenient.


  • They’re extremely durable and meant for outdoor climbing
  • The leather upper makes these shoes very breathable. The suede material should also be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • The Velcro strap closure system allows you to adjust your shoe as you go for a more personalized fit


  • Some users have had issues with the shoe sizing. They run a bit small, so consider ordering a size or half size bigger than what you normally do.

For Narrow Feet – La Sportiva Women’s Solution

The La Sportiva Women’s Solution is a feminine and stylish option for rock climbers. A fusion of performance and fashion, these climbing shoes are designed with a leather upper that offers durability and comfort. With asymmetrical laces, they can be tied into a variety of looks and styles. If you need to make adjustments, the lace can be adjusted at the toe, as well as the heel.

The La Sportiva Women’s Solution is best for all types of outdoor climbing. They’re designed with a soft leather upper which provides both comfort and durability. The lacing system allows you to customize your fit for various styles of climbing. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and sizes so you have plenty of options to choose from.


  • They’re lightweight for outdoor climbing
  • The asymmetrical lacing system allows you to adjust your shoe for different styles and looks
  • They feature a durable and comfortable leather upper


  • They’re not the strongest option, so they’re not ideal for big wall climbing.

For Wide Feet – Butora Unisex Acro Rock

If you want a climbing shoe that will provide ample range of motion, comfort, and athletic performance for all-day use, then the Butora Unisex Acro Rock is the perfect choice. Designed with a lightweight synthetic upper and midsole, they are built to be comfortable and provide ample responsiveness. With a Velcro closure, the shoes are easy to take on and off.

The Butora Unisex Acro Rock is designed with a synthetic suede upper for comfort and flexibility. The Velcro strap allows you to customize your fit as you go. They’re perfect for indoor climbing but can hold up for outdoor use as well.


  • The synthetic upper provides plenty of comfort and flexibility for climbing.
  • They’re lightweight for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • They’re easy to slip on and off with a Velcro closure.


  • The midsole and outsole aren’t ideal for crack climbing.

For High Arches – Evolv Women’s Shaman

The design of the Women’s Shaman Climbing shoe is beautiful and unique. The soft, elastic pattern on these climbing shoes makes them stand out from every other option on the market. Designed for women with high arches, they are also made for comfort.


  • They’re extremely comfortable with their elastic design.
  • They’re flexible for perfect climbing.
  • The rubber sole is durable and has strong grips even on slippery surfaces.


  • They will wear down in a short time period, making replacing them an issue.
  • They are a bit small for some climber’s feet.

For Sport Climbing – La Sportiva Tarantula

This shoe is perfect for the active climber. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, this shoe will last as long as you do. If you’re an aggressive boulderer or sport climber that likes to wear down your shoes quickly. So if you want to go for durable shoes, you can go with the Teva brand. The durability of the shoe is still fairly decent but they still have a complaint here or there. You might notice that they might be more comfortable than other brands, but it is not as comfortable as it should be.


  • The tread pattern of the shoe is excellent at keeping your foot dry and safe during wet conditions.
  • The shoe carries a full-length toe protector which is very helpful in preventing burns on your feet.
  • The upper of the shoe is very supportive, which means it provides the ankle support required for climbers.


  • The heel of the shoes tends to wear down quickly when using them on a regular basis.

For Bouldering – Five Ten Women’s Hiangle

The Five Ten Hiangle Woman’s Climbing shoe is designed specifically for those who like to go bouldering. This high-performance shoe provides extra toe protection with a sturdy design. The leather and synthetic materials provide a quality, durable build that will last you for a long time.


  • The toe box of the climbing shoe is designed to be especially tight. This creates a snug fit that helps prevent any pain in your toes or feet.
  • The sole of the shoe is made specifically for superior grip on different types of climbing surfaces, which makes it perfect for bouldering gyms and climbing on small rocks.
  • The synthetic materials make this a high-performance shoe that will provide you with support and durability when you need it most.


  • The ankle strap of the climbing shoe feels a bit flimsy and may not provide enough support when you are bouldering.

For Fast Progression – Tenaya Ra Woman

Unlike your typical flat, round sole shoes, this Tenaya Ra Women’s Rock Climbing Shoe is constructed with a precise V-shaped. This design was originally created for steep angles and overhangs. The heels are also made extra tall for added stability and support. The soles are made with a sticky rubber compound for increased traction on the wall. These shoes are ideal for climbers who want to progress quickly in their climbing.


  • The design of the shoe provides you with a long-lasting solution that can be used for aggressive or bouldering moves.
  • The rubber sole has a sticky compound which helps provide more traction on the wall, especially when you’re climbing overhangs.
  • The V-shaped sole provides you with greater support and confidence when you’re climbing on steep angles.


  • The V-shaped soles are a bit fragile. You’ll find that they wear down quickly with regular use.

What To Look For When Choosing A Women’s Climbing Shoes

So you’re looking to find the best shoes for female climbers. Well, it helps to know what you’re really after: Whether you are interested in learning how to bouldering or for your next long-term project, there are a few things that you should look for or keep in mind when making your choice.

There is a difference between the type of climbing shoes that will be used on flat ground and for fast progression versus the type of shoes that are used for more technical climbing. The design and construction of the materials make a big difference in the way that your shoes perform.

For standard flat ground climbing, your goal is to be protected as best as possible. You should look for shoes that provide good ankle support and a durable, wide sole. You should also look for breathable materials that are designed to be comfortable in all types of conditions.

For more technical climbing, you want something that can handle the small movements and holds of overhangs. You should look for shoes that provide a precise fit, with a very tight grip on the rock. Your shoes need to have a softer midsole so they can provide the right amount of flexibility and support.

For bouldering, you want your feet to be as flexible as possible. Look for shoes with a synthetic upper and an elastic design to provide you with the maximum amount of freedom in your toes and feet.

Keep in mind where your climbing trip will take you. When you’re outdoors, you’ll want to be sure that your shoes are designed for the type of climbing that you’ll be doing. If you’ll be bouldering or sport climbing, look for a shoe with a sticky rubber compound to provide the maximum amount of traction possible. If you’re in an area with a lot of rough terrain, look for something that is durable and can handle major wear and tear. Generally, your shoes will have a long life with these types of climbing moves.

When you are in an area that you’re more likely to need technical shoes, keep in mind how often they will be used. If you’ll be using them for long periods of time, such as off-season or on a trip where you’re not likely to get the most use out of them, then it’s wise to choose something that is more durable and can last longer.

Climbing Shoes For Women FAQ’s

Where Can I Find A Climbing Shoe Sizing Chart?

The easiest way to get this is to check out the brand’s website to find the chart relating to the pair of shoes that you are considering buying.  Here are some quick links to help you out:

Can Women Wear Men’s Climbing Shoes?

This is a tricky question to answer because the answer is dependent on how you climb. Some people might be able to wear men’s shoes, but others might not. There are some things you should keep in mind when buying climbing shoes: heel-to-toe fit, size of the shoe for your foot length and height, and your preferred brand of equipment.  I’d recommend reading my article on how to size men’s climbing shoes for women if you are trying to choose between men’s vs women’s climbing shoes.

Women’s Climbing Shoes Conclusion

When it comes to your climbing shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. If they’re not comfortable, you’re not going to be able to use them for such a long period of time. You want shoes that will fit you perfectly, or you shouldn’t bother with them.

You want shoes that are made with durable materials so that they can last you through many climbs. These things can cost a pretty penny if you buy the wrong one and don’t think they’re worth the money if they don’t last long at all.

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