Can Pregnant Women Go Rock Climbing?

pregnant women rock climbing

The question of “Can pregnant women go rock climbing?” may seem like a ridiculous one to some, but after a close friend recently revealed that she was pregnant, I saw a great opportunity to get ahead on this article and teach her something about safety in the climbing community.

Pregnant women should always be cautious and never assume their condition will result in diminished performance. There are many other safe activities that they can partake in until after their baby is born, including cross-training with weights or swimming. This can strengthen your body and keep it in shape, so when you are equipped with the proper gear, you can enjoy rock climbing while your baby is still in the oven.

Rock climbing is an absolutely invigorating sport that will keep your mind and body sharp even during your pregnancy. It is a great opportunity to be out in nature and get some exercise with friends. Remember to stay safe, and if in doubt consult with your doctor before you rock climb.

My Own Experience

The day I got the news of my pregnancy was the day I got engaged to Tommy. We finally had the time to move in together for good, and then everything changed. It felt like I could no longer concentrate on my studies because I was too worried about how everything would work out now. I was a nervous wreck, and I just barely breathed the rest of the day.

Then, I had a panic attack, and it seemed like everything was out of my control. I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I was worried about how my body would do during pregnancy; how it would affect my health and my ability to climb. I knew I was too overprotective, and if I didn’t calm down and start thinking clearly, I could endanger myself and the baby. For the next couple of weeks, I felt lightheaded a lot from the stress alone. It was like my body was telling me something, but I just refused to listen.

I did a lot of research on the Internet about rock climbing safety while pregnant. I was lucky enough to get in touch with a doctor who worked closely with the medical staff at our gym’s Rock Camp. He prescribed me an anti-inflammatory and some medicine for cramps, which helped a little. I was also advised to stay away from exercising at a high intensity, but I just couldn’t.

So, I went straight to the crag and started climbing right away. It was a little bit hard for me at first because I felt like my arms were about to give out at any minute. But then, as the sun rose in the sky, I began to feel a spiritual energy flowing through my body and enveloping me in an aura of pure happiness.

Safety Precautions When Rock Climbing While Pregnant

The first thing a pregnant woman must do is test the rock climbing wall for safety. There are no guarantees that you will be fine, so err on the side of caution. Make sure you know how to rappel and have a good women’s climbing harness and good gear. If you choose not to use a rope for safety, be careful not to fall or bang your body in any way.

A little lower than normal body weight can also be an issue during pregnancy. This is why it is important that you have some light gear and a good pair of shoes to prevent injury. Also, stretch before you climb to increase blood flow and loosen the muscles.

Before climbing, remember that you also need good shoes. If you have a lot of weight on your feet, it will be difficult to climb and place your hands properly. Find a pair that is comfortable for both the shoes and the sport and that are designed for climbing. You will feel better knowing that you have taken those last few necessary steps to make yourself as secure as possible before you go.

Are You A Pregnant Climber?

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