Can Rock Climbing Get You Toned? A Women’s Perspective

can rock climbing get you toned women

Rock climbing is an activity that requires a lot of upper body strength, but also has the potential to help you lose weight. Part of how rock climbing can help with weight loss is that it’s a full-body workout and uses more muscles than just those in your arms and legs. Rock climbers typically use their whole body to propel themselves up the rocks and build muscle strength while doing so.

This muscular exercise can tone muscles all over the body, even if they are not directly targeted when climbing or building muscle with other exercises.

Can Rock Climbing Get You Toned?

Yes! It may be hard at first to believe that rock climbing can get you toned, but it’s true. There are many gymnastic moves that can burn calories and build muscle all at the same time. Rock climbing is similar in that sense. For example, you may start rock climbing with a partner and work your way up a depending on the fitness level of both of you, it might take 20 minutes for one person to climb up 20 feet.

How Rock Climbing Can Help Tone Your Body

rock climbers toned bodyOne main thing to know about rock climbing is that it can tone your whole body. You can use a number of moves to target different muscles in your chest, back, abs and arms. Most rock climbers start off with the basic movements such as squats, bends and lunges. These simple yet effective moves can tone several parts of the body.

Some other exercises include:

  • Crawling Movements – This is exactly what it sounds like! Moving backward on your hands while pulling your ankles up behind you. This can work your back and abdominal muscles.
  • Layback – One exercise that many rock climbers do is to lay on a hold while pulling yourself with one arm. This activates the muscles in your lower back and can tone them as well.
  • Rolling Machine Pushups – This exercise works your chest, arms, shoulder and triceps muscles. Start by lying down on top of the bar or working against the wall so that your hands are directly above you. Grab hold of the bar so that your hands are directly above you and then lift up and down a few times.
  • Buddha – This exercise can target your back, shoulders, arms and chest muscles. The idea is to lie on the floor so that you have your legs crossed at your ankles and back pressed against the floor. Then raise both of your legs up to form a straight line with the ground behind them. Bring one ankle towards the opposite knee while trying to touch it to it. Then repeat with both legs alternating sides. Then raise one arm up in the air while lowering the other. Do this for a few minutes and make sure that you’re trying to keep your back on the floor as much as possible.

How Often Should I Rock Climb to Tone My Body?

Like most workouts, rock climbing requires time and dedication. It might be tempting to sign up for a class or two in order to tone your body, but that won’t give you enough time or consistency to see real results. To build muscle and lose weight from rock climbing, you should try to climb every day. If you aren’t able to do this, then at least try to climb a few times a week. This will help you gain strength and tone your muscles quicker.

Rock Climbing Is An Effective Way To Tone Your Body And Lose Weight

Rock climbing is a fun way to get out there and be active with friends or family members. It’s also an effective way to burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall health. I love it!

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