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Women’s Exercise Routine For Rock Climbing

So, you’re a woman considering climbing for the first time? You’re in luck! Rock climbing is one of the most accessible ways to get into contact with nature, without having to worry about getting into dangerous territory. But before you go gallivanting up there, it’s important that you do some physical preparation to make sure this newfound hobby doesn’t leave you injured.

There are a few disciplines that women rock climbers should focus on when building their fitness routine. In order to prevent injury while rock climbing, it’s important to have strong and limber legs, core strength, and upper body strength.

Leg Exercises For Female Rock Climbers

The legs are one of the most important components to the body when it comes to rock climbing. It is vital that the legs are strong enough to support your weight. Believe it or not, even small women can weigh close to 140 lbs.

You’ll need to do two different kinds of exercises for your legs. The first will be calf raises, done with either a machine or with weights. Calf raises help strengthen lower leg muscles and helps prevent injury during rock climbing. You can start by doing 20 reps with moderate weights and build up to a higher number of reps as you become stronger. For women who are just starting out, you should only do 10 or 15 reps.

The second leg exercise is called “climbing stairs.” You can do this at home or at the gym. It is very similar to walking up the stairs, except it mimics climbing a rock wall, so your legs will be moving in opposite directions when doing high steps. Be sure to always have at least one foot on the ground while doing this exercise.

I’d also recommend checking out this video:

Core Exercises For Rock Climbing Women

Your core muscles are also very important when it comes to rock climbing. And if you don’t already know, your core involves more than just the abs. It also includes your back and hips, as well as most of the inside of your torso. A strong core will not only help you perform better, but will help prevent injury as well.

In addition to doing the two leg exercises above, you’ll want to also do ab exercises. The best ab exercises are ones that make you hold your body off of the floor. You can do this by either placing your hands on an elevated and sturdy surface so that they’re about 6-8 inches away from your butt. Then just lift and lower your upper body so that your hands are almost touching the surface. Repeat for 10-15 reps, or until failure.

Here is a great video workout too!

Upper Body Exercises For Women Rock Climbers

Your upper body is another component that needs to be strong for rock climbing. While it doesn’t have to be as strong as your legs, it should still be trained in order to prevent injury. Most women have a lot of trouble with the arms, so you should train them as well.

The arm exercises that you should do will be categorized into push-ups and pull-ups. For your push-up routine, you should start with bodyweight only. You can do 10 reps of each position and work up to a higher number as you become stronger. For the pull-up, start by doing chin ups or assisted pull ups using a weighted belt until you can do 12 reps with just your bodyweight. Then try lowering yourself down while shifting your hips to get a full range of motion.

Check out this video too!

How Do You Prepare For Your Next Climb?

Between the leg stretches and upper body exercises, you should be set for a while. But if you’re planning on doing a specific type of climb that requires the extra strength for your neck, you’ll want to do some extra training. While most of the time you should be able to get away with just having strong arms and legs, there are certain times where your head will be taking on a lot of weight.

If you have any recommended workouts that you like to do before a climb, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

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