How Women Should Wear Rock Climbing Harnesses

how women should wear rock climbing harnesses

Rock climbing harnesses are a crucial safety measure for all climbers, but figuring out just how to wear one can be tricky. Especially for women.

However, the following are a few simple steps designed to make wearing a harness significantly easier for women. This guide is not meant to be comprehensive in any way, as harnesses come in many different sizes and shapes and have specific purposes which all need to be taken into account. What this article offers instead is advice on how to wear your climbing harness so that it’s comfortable and safe for you.

Make Sure The Harness fits Properly

The first step to putting on your harness is to check that it fits you. If you can’t comfortably fit two fingers between the harness and your body, it’s too small; likewise if you can’t easily put it on, it’s too big.

You should also take note of the build of the harness. Most manufacturers design men and women’s harnesses differently, which results in women having a harder time finding a good fit than men do. Make sure that there is no pinching or extra material at any point.

The harness is probably going to be the most uncomfortable part of your climbing gear. To make it feel more comfortable, find a spot where you can comfortably sit or lie down with the weight of the harness on your hips. This is why some women prefer not to put their waist pack on their backs, as it puts too much pressure on their hips.

The Waist Strap

The part of the harness that takes the most strain is the waist strap. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that it is tight enough to hold you in place but not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable. It should be worn directly against your skin without underwear beneath it, which will allow for a tighter fit. If the waist strap is too loose, you might fall out of your harness by accident, or have a hard time keeping your balance while climbing.

The leg straps

The rest of the harness should be held in place by your legs and their supporting muscles, but it’s best to keep the harness and your waist strap in place with accessories such as leg loops. The leg straps help keep the harness in place around your legs, especially if you have heavy or excess material on your waist.

Straps are a great way to add extra comfort and stability while climbing, but they can also hold you back when it comes to moving quickly. It’s best to keep the straps as loose as possible, with the exception of the leg loops, which should be worn high up on your leg.

Which means that you will need to carefully consider how you wear your harness and how it can affect your climbing experience. Take time to experiment so that you can find a fit that works for you.

Many women prefer to wear special harnesses designed specifically for their gender, but this is entirely up to the wearer. However, as long as you pay attention to how your harness fits you and take steps to make it comfortable, there is no reason why women can’t enjoy the same quality climbing experience as men.

Final Words

When you have to wear a harness, especially for an extended period of time, it is important that you find one that fits your body well and is easy to adjust. Otherwise, you might experience a decrease in your overall enjoyment of the sport.

With the tips outlined above, you should have everything you need to successfully wear your harness and get on with your day.

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