What Do Women Usually Wear When Rock Climbing?

What Do Women Usually Wear When Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exhilarating pursuit that is historically dominated by men. Until the 1990s, women were not included in the sport at all because traditional clothing for rock climbers was a short exercise skirt and a t-shirt over her bra. Made of cotton or wool, this attire would be hot in summer heat and not provide much protection against sharp surfaces or harsh weather conditions.

But now women are more active in rock climbing- wearing shorts, sports bras, or even leggings to pursue their passion.

What Do Women Usually Wear When Rock Climbing?

Besides climbing gear like harnesses, women usually wear shorts, sports bras, or leggings when rock climbing.

Women’s Climbing Shorts

Women’s climbing shorts are like any other type of exercise or athletic short in that they are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible. The best ones are durable and waterproof, have pockets for storage, and can dry very quickly if wet. They come in solid colors like black or white or they can be brightly colored to add flair.

Women’s Climbing Bra

There is more than one choice for women when it comes to rock climbing bra options. Some women prefer to wear a regular supportive sports bra while others want a compression bra that provides extra support for their chest.

A rock climbing bra should be comfortable, durable, and have adjustable straps or hooks. It should also be adjustable in the front since a woman’s breasts can get squished if the women’s climbing harness is too tight. Some bras are made of moisture-wicking fabric so they can dry quickly after becoming wet from sweat.

Women’s Rock Climbing Leggings

Women’s rock climbing pants or leggings are made of stretchy, breathable fabric that is more flexible than jeans. This type of legging usually has a bit of Lycra or Spandex in it so it will provide extra stretch and flexibility as the climber moves around.

Rock climbing leggings come in dark colors like black or navy blue and they can be worn under shorts or other pants. The material is usually reinforced in areas like the knees or inner thigh so it doesn’t rip easily when the rock climber moves around a lot. They can be made of lightweight synthetic material that dries quickly or they can be made of lighter, more natural fibers that take longer to dry.

Women’s Climbing Climbing Shoes and Footwear

Some rock climbers wear shoes or boots for climbing. These footwear options are usually made of breathable, lightweight material that provides protection for the climber’s feet. They can be made of leather or a synthetic material such as Gore-Tex to help keep the climber dry during rock climbing.

Some shoes have special traction to help the climber’s feet hold on to the rock surface. Some are also padded or made of extra-durable materials. The best ones are breathable so they won’t make your feet too hot in the summertime. Some shoes have special rock climbing feet features like a raised outsole that helps reduce friction on rocks while walking so you won’t slip in sharp rock surfaces.

womens climbing footware

Climbers wear rock climbing shoes because they are comfortable and durable. They are typically high-traction, lightweight, and breathable so they can get the job done while being comfortable and flexible.

Some climbers also wear boots when rock climbing. Like shoes, boots provide extra protection for the climber’s feet. The biggest difference is that boots have thicker soles so they can offer more support for the climber’s feet. They are also usually more durable because they have less flexibility than shoes.

Rock Climbing Gloves

Rock climbing gloves are made of leather or a synthetic material and they typically have a textured palm for better grip. Some gloves also have a padding on the back so the climber’s hand won’t feel fatigued when rock climbing with them on. They can be worn under the climber’s sleeves or as a standalone piece of clothing.

Women’s Lightweight Jackets For Climbing

Some rock climbers like wearing a lightweight women’s climbing jacket when rock climbing. They provide protection from harsh weather conditions and wind. Jackets can be made of water-resistant materials so they do not become wet or ringy while climbing.  Don’t forget a good women’s climbing shirt underneath.

Women’s Climbing Pants For Rock Climbing

womans climbing pantsRock climbing pants are typically made of a fabric that is breathable and durable. They are also made with mesh panels for moisture transfer during the hotter summer months. Climbing pants are usually shiny or reflective for nighttime rock climbing.

Climbers wear rock climbing pants because they provide the climber extra protection from harsh weather conditions and to help keep the climber dry during night climbing. They can also be worn under shorts or other pants for extra flexibility and comfort.

As mentioned previously, some female climbers also wear leggings when rock climbing as an alternative to wearing shorts. They provide a higher level of protection against the elements so they can get wet from rain, snow, or ice without getting cold.

What About Accessories?

A climber’s clothing doesn’t have to stop there. She can carry accessories like the women’s climbing chalk bag or chalk ball to keep her hands dry for better grip on the rock surface. Other accessories include a women’s climbing helmet to protect her head if she falls, harnesses, belay devices, and carabiners. The most important accessory is a quality rope that can hold up in case of sudden falls or when a climber needs backup support.

What Do You Wear On Your Climbing Trips?

Got any recommendations? What do you wear on your rock climbing trips? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below what clothing items you use when you go rock climbing.

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