What To Wear To Indoor Rock Climbing Women

women indoor rock climbing wear

Rock climbing is a sport that has become popular in the last two decades. Indoor rock climbing, also known as artificial rock walls or indoor rock gyms, are becoming more common and widely accepted as good training methods for beginners. Rock climbers can wear anything from t-shirts to full-body lycra suits with built-in gloves depending on the type of wall and level of difficulty.

Creating A Women’s Cute Indoor Climbing Outfit

Wearing a T-Shirt

Long-sleeved t-shirts are always a good idea for indoor rock climbing. Not only does it keep you cool and comfortable, but also provides some extra layer of protection when banging on the wall.

When it’s hot out, you may want to keep your shirt tucked in and wear a light sports bra with built-in padding.

You can also wear shirts instead of vests if the wall has hand cracks and/or if there is a risk of falling off from the side.

Shorts Or Pants

You should also wear shorts or women’s pants for rock climbing. While some people use them only for warming up, most would be wearing them during the whole session. Shorts will keep you warm even with the air conditioning on. Shorts are also very comfortable, and they let you move naturally.


Some people like wearing vests with built-in gloves and others prefer not to wear any extra protection. The gloves are useful in preventing friction between your skin and the climb wall, and they are also very comfortable. Some people may wear vests only if there is a risk of falling off from the side.

If you’re going to wear a vest, make sure to use it properly – it should cover your shoulders, chest, back, and hips. If you have long hair, tie it back to avoid any accidents.

Get a vest with good padding and ventilation. Vests with thick foam padding are good for beginners, and the thicker the padding, the more protection against friction you’ll get. The same goes for vests that are more ventilated, like mesh or even better, full body lycra suits.


A women’s climbing harness is a piece of safety equipment that keeps your body close to the surface and attached to the rope and belay for protection in case of a fall. Most climbing harnesses wrap around your waist with one or two carabiners to attach the rope. More advanced harnesses like the ones used in extreme sports like BASE Jumping have specialty gear, such as carabineers and gear loops to hold items like water bottles or jet assisted parachutes.

Rock climbing harnesses are designed for rock climbing’s unique climatic conditions. They have a wide range of adjustability and comfort. In order to choose a climbing harness, there are several features you should look at, including the number of gear loops, padding, and security of buckles that will keep the harness on you while you climb.


Wearing a shoe with a good grip is very important. When you start climbing, you will climb on foam pads to train your feet. Once you have the hang of it, you will progress to specialized shoes, which are stronger and help your feet to hold onto the wall longer (free climbing shoes).

The best way to measure if your shoes are comfortable for indoor rock climbing is by walking around in them for a while. If they’re too tight, they’ll make it uncomfortable when climbing.

Ready For Indoor Climbing Or Even A Gym Date!

Indoor rock climbing is a fun activity for anyone who tries it! It’s even better when you’re matched with an equally skilled climber or partner. So make sure to have some friends that will help you out!

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