What To Wear With Climbing Harness For Women

what to wear with climbing harness for women

You’ve gone through all the trouble of packing your bags and purchased that bulky, yet oh so necessary, climbing harness and now you’re staring at the pile of clothes on your floor wondering what to wear. You don’t want to disappoint your partner, but it’s a long drive back after a week of climbing and you need something comfortable. This article will give you some tips for what to wear with a harness in order to make sure you are both as happy as can be!

What to wear in the summer

Sweat pants, tight shorts and undershirts are the most popular options. You can find some women who prefer to wear a loose fitting shirt like a tank top, or even men’s undershirts. If you and your partner are comfortable in each other’s company, then go ahead and do whatever feels best. One thing to remember when it comes to clothing and appearance is that you want to look like you care more about the climb than looking good for each other.

What to wear in the winter

This is definitely something worth talking about before going on any longer trips. Some people are fine with wearing sweatshirts and tights, while others prefer a more fashionable look; no matter how warm you are dressed, if you will be sitting in a car for hours then you should bring some clothes that are easy to maneuver in. Long sleeves are a good choice for women if they have long nails. Try to only wear things that are made of natural materials like cotton, wool or silk.

What to wear with a harness

Since you won’t be wearing much other than your harness and maybe some spare clothes, it’s important to find something that is comfortable and won’t cause any chafing in the middle of your leg. Wearing something underneath your clothing really helps out with this problem. One popular solution is wearing compression stockings underneath your shorts or pants. That way when you get into the harness, they are already on your legs. You can also wear your favorite pair of underwear underneath your clothing so you don’t have to worry about it causing any friction.


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