A Women's Guide To Gearing Up For Rock Climbing

(Because Some Women's Climbing Gear Is Different!)

Are you a woman interested in getting into rock climbing?  I love and and I think you will too!

There’s a lot of details that go into rock climbing gear, and women often overlook these essentials to their personal safety. This guide is meant to outline the go-to items for each type of climber, including advice on how to make the most out of your purchase. It’s time that women leave their gender behind and put in the effort to be safe while they share their love for outdoor activities with this beautiful sport.

Let’s go in order from head to toe!

Women’s Climbing Helmets

Choosing A Climbing Helmet For Women

Safety gear is crucial for any type of activity, but with rock climbing, it’s important to choose your helmet carefully. You need to be happy with the fit and ventilation because the bottom line is that you are spending a lot of time in there. If it’s cold outside, try to get a full-coverage helmet so that you can keep more heat inside as well. This will keep you more comfortable as your climb longer and will prevent you from overheating.

The Difference Between Men & Women’s Climbing Helmets

There really is not much differences when it comes to the construction of helmets for men and women. The main difference is the fit. Helmets are constructed with a lot of padding to give women a more comfortable fit. Try on several different models and choose one that loves feels right and will stay in place as you move around.

Our Choice – Black Diamond Women’s Half Dome Helmet

Women’s Climbing Shoes

Choosing Climbing Shoes For Women

When choosing climbing shoes for women, it is important to consider the requirements that are specific to your feet. Women have more flexibility in their joints than men, leading to different needs and proportions in climbing shoes. In order for you not to make any mistakes when buying the right shoes for women, we have prepared this article about what you should look out for while purchasing climbing shoes.

The following points are important: width, heel cup/toe box fit, thickness of sole material and weight.

Especially the last two points are crucial. Climbing shoes should have thick soles for women, which is to prevent the foot from slipping out of position on the rock. What’s more, the heel cup/toe box fit is also an important aspect to consider, because it has an impact on how your movements would feel.

Our Choice – Scarpa Instinct VS Women’s Climbing Shoes

Women’s Climbing Pants

Choosing Climbing Pants For Women

Choosing the right women’s climbing pants is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when picking out your climbing pants for women, like the weather and how often you need to wear them. The best way to decide is by having a look at what other climbers have recommended. Another one of the more important factors about choosing a pair of pants is whether or not they will give you warm enough protection as well as be comfortable while climbing for long hours and days.

There are many different style of climbing pants out there. When first looking at your options you will notice two main types of pants, the “climbing short”, and the “cargo shorts.” The “climbing short” pant is perfect for warm days that you will be climbing outside for a couple hours. The “cargo shorts” are designed to be like a regular pair of men’s cargo shorts. These are pretty comfortable and can be used as either climbing pants or just casual wear.

Our Choice – Ucraft “Xlite” Women’s Rock Climbing Pants

Women’s Climbing Shirt

Choosing Climbing Shirts For Women

When choosing a climbing shirt, women should consider their layering needs, the amount of coverage they want, and how much stretch the fabric has. Let’s take a look at some of the best women-specific climbing shirts to help you make your decision.

Women who are looking for more coverage should choose a shirt with long sleeves that hits below hip level or cut-off sleeves. If you want something less constricting, tank tops with a looser fit work well as layering pieces under other shirts.

The fabric of the top should stretch to allow freedom of movement without being see-through. A climbing shirt with a little bit of shine will look great under a vest or jacket, and they tend to dry quickly so you can jump back on the wall when it starts raining.


Our Choice – WANAYOU Women’s Compression Shirt Dry Fit Long Sleeve

Women’s Climbing Jacket

Choosing Climbing Jackets For Women

When choosing a climbing jacket, women often have to go the extra mile to find the right fit in order to avoid having their clothes being pulled off. Here are some tips for picking out your next climbing jacket.

First, you should look for a jacket that is specifically designed for women’s bodies by using anatomical measurements and cut features like neck-to-thigh ratios. As a general rule, women’s jackets will have more fabric on the hips and less on the chest area because these are areas with less muscle mass.

Second, you should think about the type of climbing you do. General climbing jackets that match most people’s body types can be too bulky and restrictive for women. However, a good all-purpose jacket is better than no jacket at all since it will give you a lot of choices to choose from in terms of style, features and price.


Our Choice – WANAYOU Women’s Compression Shirt Dry Fit Long Sleeve

Women’s Climbing Chalk Bag

Choosing Climbing Chalk Bags For Women

When choosing a chalk bag, women should find one with a drawstring closure or a hook-and-loop fastener that is positioned below the chalk bag’s opening. This will allow easy access to the chalk inside and keep the chalk from spilling out of the bag. Women may also want to consider selecting an adjustable belt or waist strap so that they can fit it tightly around their bodies.

The material used in the manufacture of the chalk bag is more of a personal preference than anything else. Some climbers prefer soft and fuzzy bags, which are easy to hold when a climber is using both hands on the rock face. Other climbers prefer stiffer, heavier bags that are easier to clip onto their harnesses. The weight and size of the chalk bag will also depend on climbers’ personal preferences as well as climber body types.


Our Choice – EDELRID Chalk Bag Rocket Lady

Women’s Climbing Shorts

Choosing Climbing Shorts For Women

When choosing climbing short, women are faced with many decisions. What is the length of short? Do they need to be breathable? How long will they wear them for? What about pockets, or comfort? All these questions and more need to be addressed when making a choice. This article will help you answer those questions so that you can buy the perfect pair of shorts for your climbing needs.

What is the best length of short? The basic rule of thumb is that you should be able to put at least two finger widths between your waist and the end of the shorts. If you can put more than two fingers between your waist and the end of your shorts, then you have too long a pair. Remember, these are NOT running shorts that are designed to be worn low on your thighs so they cover nothing.


Women’s Climbing Harness

Choosing Climbing Harness For Women

When choosing a climbing harness, women have a few variables to balance. The two most important considerations are the type of harness and how it fits your body. You’ll need to decide which kind of climbing you plan on doing, and then see which harness is the best for your height.

It’s also important that the harness fits you correctly because if it doesn’t, it could lead to back or shoulder injuries. Here are four different types of climbing harnesses: waist belay, hip belay, full-body belay, and jumar style.


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